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The Browns have dealt QB Colt McCoy to the 49ers.

Can't wait for this F----in Day to be over w/this April Fools crap.
Originally posted by MarkD:
The niners are planning on using COLT McCoy in the pistol

Ok the zone is rearranging the words when you post today? wtf

lol wut
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49ers acquired QB Colt McCoy and a 2013 sixth-round pick from the Browns in exchange for 2013 fifth- and seventh-round draft picks.

So Cleveland essentially gets a seventh-rounder and a one-round jump on the other pick. McCoy, 26, has a career completion rate of 58.3 with a 21:20 TD-to-INT ratio, 6.3 YPA, and 6-15 record. Arm-strength limitations put a major cap on McCoy's long-term NFL ceiling, and he's viewed as a mid-range to low-end backup around the league. Barring the addition of a mid-round QB, McCoy will compete with Scott Tolzien in training camp to be the primary clipboard holder behind Colin Kaepernick. We would not be surprised if Tolzien won the job.
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s**t, now we only have 13 picks.

Yer killin' me, Smalls ... Killin' me
I like it. McCoy is mobile and has some play making ability. Doesn't possess much arm strength, but has shown decent accuracy and touch on his throws. Under the structure of this offense, our coaching staff should be able to get the most out of him.
April fools i hope

edit: actually after thinking about it, this isn't a bad pickup. Mobile and accurate. And if Harbaugh sees something in him, then who am I to say its a bad thing.
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Originally posted by Beeker:
Yer killin' me, Smalls ... Killin' me

And this is what it looks like on MY screen ....

me posted mayo49: s**t, 13 ... killin' only picks. Originally Killin' Yer have mayo49: Originally Smalls we Beeker: Originally by posted me, posted now by by
McCoy has starting experience and also was picked by Mike Holmgren.

The Colt Derringer Pistol Offense = Championship
I believe I mentioned something like this not so long ago.
this isn't a april fools joke. it is actually a good move. Ive always liked McCoy

IMO McCoy was done dirty by the Browns. He showed a lot of promise his rookie year with hardly any weapons to work with and he had a sophomore slump which wasn't completely his fault. I think this kid has good mobility, smarts, and accuracy. Good PIck up!
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Is Colt 6'1" or 6'3"? He's listed as both.
Not bad for a backup
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