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Favorite single game performance by a 49er player?

Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
Jerry Rice - Super Bowl XXIII MVP performance

John Taylor - Two 90+ TDs vs the Rams on MNF

Joe Montana & Jerry Rice - 5 TDs vs Falcons, 1990

Steve Young - Super Bowl XXIX, 6 TD passes

Terrell Owens - 20+ receptions in a single game (Jerry Rice's final in a 49er uniform at home) vs the Bears

Jeff Garcia - Wild Card playoff comeback against the Giants

Alex Smith - Divisional win vs the Saints

Colin Kaepernick - NFCDG win vs the Packers

I was at 4 of the games on this list.
I have a couple.

Steve's 6 TDs.

Jeff's comeback against the Giants in the playoffs.

Ken Norton getting 2 TDs against the Rams and beating the bloody hell out of the goal posts.

Jerry on Monday night against the Broncos in 1997. (what a great niner moment too, except the injury. Those lights on those uniforms on such a magical day were special).

Steve in the 98-99 Wild Card playoffs against the Packers. First third down of the game Butler was instantly in his face again, but he shrugged it off like a man, escaped and hit T.O. in the hands, only to see him drop it. But it was that moment that I knew that we weren't being bullied any more (really, though, I think I knew it when Steve yelled at J.J. to "catch the f*cking ball" in the regular season match up against them).
Originally posted by GuessWhosOn3rd:
Wasn't old enough to watch and enjoy the Montana days but I'd say

Alex in the divisional game
Colin in the divisional game
Frank Gore vs the Seahawks in 06.. Both games lol

I was gonna say this exact thing. I was born in 93, always been a Niner fan but didn't start seriously following football until 06-07 soo Smith vs the Saints and Kap vs the packers are the games for me.
Alex Smith against the Seahawks. in the game where he fooled everyone and ran untouched in to the endzone.

Vernon Davis against the Saints.
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