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Manningham heading no where, lowers base salary

That dirty hit by that scum Leroy Hill cost Rio some dough. 2011 Hill kneed Delanie in the jaw while he was on the ground and now he goes low on Rio's knee? Man he better be glad he got cut because if I were a niner when I saw him Imma bring hat even if it is after the whistle
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Originally posted by BayArea:
I don't get why so many 49er fans overlook Jenkins. I know he dropped some balls but he hasn't exactly had many opportunities. His college highlights are f**king sick.
that is because college does not mean s**t right now and when he had his chances he could not beat out chad hall for time,,, now that being said, he deserves a full off season with ck and others to get better. i am really hoping that he,, looney and the two backers we drafted last year and did not play will be factors this year. that would be really really nice
Good to hear. Man if he comes back healthy, Crabtree, Boldin, Ham, Vd, is going to be a good offense. We still need another tightend with walker leaving which is were the draft should come into play. And hopefully A.J shows why he was a first rounder... Colin and that kind of talent around him no way we don't get back to the superbowl...
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