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Why Niners Picked A.J Jenkins instead of Stephen Hill?

Jenkins would have produced as much or more as Hill for the Jets last year.
Hill would have produced as much as Jenkins for the 49ers last year.
I was unaware Hill tore it up so much with the Jets.
if we weren't so stacked at WR to begin the season, I think AJ would have had better numbers than Hill.
Hill proved what everybody said, speed and hands of concrete.
Originally posted by 49ersGiants7:
I was unaware Hill tore it up so much with the Jets.

to jenkins, relatively speaking he did!
Unlike the Jets, we were stacked at Wideout and the Jets suffered from very bad injuries at that position. Stop freaking out calling him on the edge of bust.
Originally posted by JERMGEEK:
Chad Hall had more playing time in the playoffs and superbowl. what does that tell you about Jenkins?

Originally posted by NCommand:
Originally posted by cools:
Hands, Seperation, Quickness, Route Running

He does need to put on some muscle, and he struggled to learn the system,
Jury still out

Yeah, I was a little surprised we went with yet, another mirco-WR. We already had Williams (same player) and we tend to play a lot of bigger, physical defenses...hello, we play Seattle twice a year AND we run a WCO. You need bigger bodies out there that can body-up and take hits across the middle and block very well. Jenkins in the slot sounds nice but we still need a Bowe opposite of Crabtree now and like another alluded too, Jenkins/Williams will be on the field even less if we finally get that 6'6" athletic, sure-handed TE esp. in the RZ.

That said, out of the Q, we "could" use Jenkins like how the Vikings use Harvin...line him up in the backfield next to CK and Gore/James/Hunter to create major mismatches out of the backfield. That said, if Roman didn't use him THIS year like this, I doubt he'd use him like this going forward...but we shall see.

Couldn't disagree more.

Its relatively easy to badmouth the guy with benefit of 20/20 hindsight, but as cools said, give it a litttle time. The Niners coaches played hard-a$$ a lot when it came to our younger players last year.

Williams and Jenkins are nowhere close to being the same player. Come on! For a start, Williams could NEVER come close to masquerading as a first rounder. Williams is fortunate to even be on the roster. Unlike Jenkins, he has a choppy gait and he's pretty much topped out at the gym and as a receiver. Jenkins is a taller, smoother receiver, with infinitely greater upside and a completely different style of running. He's said that he's committed to getting stronger. Do that, and he's a completely different class of receiver.

other than that, I don't disagree with you.
We dont need another Jenkins thread, the story has been heard from both sides already. Time to move on

Originally posted by 5280High:
We dont need another Jenkins thread, the story has been heard from both sides already. Time to move on

I agree both sides of the argument have been heard, but the juys still out. Time to put the pitchforks and aj jenkins is a bust banners away till midseason and see how he does this year.
Hill made some spectacular plays and disappeared at times...but mostly he was injured. Jury is still out, but he had more impact last year than AJ.
Jenoris Jenkins should have been the pick over both dudes. He was the better player and BPA at that point. Hopefully AJ turns it around and produces next year.
Although a number of posters have already written A.J. off, they're premature in doing so. He's working out w/Kap now and that's a good thing. Kid has speed, runs good routes, just needs to build some confidence. Realistically, he didn't get much of a chance last season...but that should change this year and he needs to step up to the task. Harbaalke are still convinced he was a good pick, so the ball's in his court. Based on his production at Illinois, we should see him begin to come into his own.
Jenkins looked decent in preseason. Showed that he could get a lot of separation. He just needs to get bigger and stronger and more comfortable in the offense and he should be alright.
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