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Delanie Walker's aunt and uncle died in crash hours after Super Bowl

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The aunt and uncle of 49ers tight end Delanie Walker were killed by a suspected drunk driver just hours after watching their nephew play in the Super Bowl.

Walker wrote about the deaths of his aunt and uncle on Twitter on Wednesday.

"Alice and Bryan Young my aunt and uncle was killed on Monday at 5 am after the super bowl by a drunk," Walker wrote. "Im going to miss y'all but i know they are in a better place."

SOOOO sad my condolences

The guy does not deserve the heat he takes on here. He is a serious threat and we need to find a way to work out a deal. he played like a beast in the Super Bowl, I think he is great. Another off season and the chemistry will only get better!!!!!!
Wow... So tragic. Condolences.
drunk drivers should be shot
Prayers for him and his family in this tragic time... :(
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wow Sucks
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