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49ers Need To Hire a New PR Manager

Of all the reasons why we lost this game, let me propose another theory. We got battered in the Superbowl press leading up to the big game. Rightfully so.

Culliver's "Ain't got no gay people on the team. They gotta get up outta here if they do. Can't be with that sweet stuff."

...playing for San Francisco.

Moss "I really do think I'm the greatest receiver to ever play this game."

....on the same team that #80 was on.

These distractions no doubt affected Culliver, and possibly the team as a whole. Culliver has played better during the season than he did last night. The PR Manager should have been coaching all the players to keep their mouths shut and give generic answers to the press. As I've observed in Hollywood during press interviews with the media, it's very controlled and there is a lot of preparation beforehand. I think that the 49ers have a history of hiring interns for videographers and their website design. I don't doubt that they hired someone inexperienced to handle publicity.

People may think this was a small issue, but Culliver was the focal point of the defense's collapse. The 49ers bungled their Superbowl press, and the Ravens, even with a moron like Ray Lewis, quietly sidestepped all of the negative press that stuck to the 49ers. We need an experienced PR Manager, the kind that handles press for Hollywood stars like Lindsey Lohan and Michael Jackson. They had a good section of society believing that Michael Jackson was murdered by his personal physician instead of being some strung-out junkie.
Culliver was getting burned the whole playoffs.
Yeah cause nobody knows who we are.
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could this guy kick the ball, play in the secondary , rush the passer, make tackles, play good special teams and make good play calls at crunch time? i am sorry and i am not making fun of you and you are probably right about your thoughts its just the way the team played the game, the way the coaches called the last four plays just makes me sick to my stomach today. we just got lit up and embarrassed in the f**king super bowl
The guys name is Bob Lange and looks a bit like Ron Jeremy. He was the guy caught between Harbaugh and Schwartz last year and from what I can tell is thought of pretty highly.

Culliver is just a young kid and got caught-up in the moment and no PR guy is going to tell Moss what he can and cannot say.
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Originally posted by drakan:
Culliver was getting burned the whole playoffs.

your dead wrong, Culliver played an amazing game against a top 10 WR in Torey Smith
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