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What does Trent do??

This off-season we need to;

Cut Ham, should have never signed him or Jacobs imo. Could have been a spot for a pass rusher imo. Secondly we need to dedicate our snaps/reps/targets to Crab, Vernon, KW, and AJ Jenkins. Moss and Ginn would be 5th options. imo I like what Ginn brings to special teams, he rarely ever makes mistakes and still has good speed. I think Moss is a far cry from what he use to be but he still has a dependable set of hands and it seems like he passes down lots of knowledge to the young guys.

Pass Rusher and defensive tackle... Cowboy's age started to show this year, he is no longer a 3 down lineman. We need to draft a guy who can play from day one and bring Cowboy in when it counts so we can preserve him for the post season. As far as Aldon goes... this may sound crazy... but I think we need to put Willis on the outside and let Aldon be a pass rush specialist for the most part. Aldon is HIGHLY effective when he is pass rushing but not after he has been doing in play after play after play. I think we have enough depth at MLB to move Willis outside , he has the speed, strength and size to do so. I could see Bowman/Gooden or Grant holding down the inside just as well. I also think Willis could make more plays from the outside, as this could also give us a chance to move him round more.

The only thing I would do is get rid of Whitner, sorry he had one decent season with us and one highlight in the Saints playoff game. It was good while it lasted, but give me a guy who will make the QB pay when they throw errant passes down the middle of the field.

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On offense we need a WR, probably two. We need a Center. And we need another TE.

Defense we need Depth on the DL and at OLB, and we need help in the secondary.

This 2013 draft will be very important to the long term success of this team.

I thought I read that Delanie was a free gent. Could be a #1on many teams. Would be a big loss.

Delanie is as good as gone IMO. Someone will offer more than we are willing to pay.

Garrett Celek looks promising though, so it might not be that big of a loss.

I much rather draft a TE then rely on him.
I think we need a true ball hawking safety.....move goldson to SS and draft or trade for a true FS
DL needs a makeover bad

BUT THE SECONDARY NEEDS A COMPLETE MAKEOVER. I think that Fangio doesnt blitz because he doesn't trust our secondary. IF he had a secondary like seatle, then we could send 5 or 6 ppl on a blitz.

Unfortunately, if we do draft a whole new secondary, they'll be considered rookies and wouldn't be able to contribute right away.
Another possible need is a running back. Yes, I know we have Hunter and James,but they aren't every down back. Plus Frank Gore going to be what 29 or 30 next year.
1. Trade Alex Smith for whatever we can get, cut him if we have to but it shouldn't come to that.

2. Work on Goldson long term or tag him at the worst. Like pdizio said it would be awesome to see Goldson at SS and a ballhawking FS but doubt they move him this far into his career. I always though Goldson was more of a SS. A few years back I wanted to move him to SS and draft Thomas to play SS. Not sure Whitner is the future. Great guy, solid player, physical good against the run game but this is a passing league. He will only get slower and he already struggles in coverage. We have one more year of him. I'd like more rangy guys back there since nobody runs in this league anymore.

3.Trade some of the picks for 1 round higher picks next year if possible... ex 2013 4th rounder for 2014 3rd rounder. In 2014 we will be back to 8 picks (with 7 for jones). We need to get more for 2014, don't need 13+ picks.

4. Possibly think about trading the farm for a top player. Maybe a #2 WR to put us over the top but at the same time it looks like the offense is fine, it's the defense that is on the decline. Maybe a stud pass rusher to take over for Smith and give him breathers in the mean time.

5. DRAFT CB's and DE's and possibly a NT who can get pressure. This is a passing league... why run the ball for a few yards a pop when you can pass it?

6. #2 TE who is big and tall... can block... get 1st downs and touchdowns. If we re-sign Walker make sure he spends all offseason on the jugs machine.

7. Maybe look into upgrading NT... Not sure RJF is the answer, Sopoaga is decent but it would be nice to get someone who could collapse the pocket.

8. Tell the coaches to teach Brooks to stop jumping offsides and to not stop in the middle of a play.

9 Looney or Kilgore could be the future at C, if not draft one. Probably keep Goodwin for this last year.

10. new blood on special teams as well... we were outstanding last year, this year the kick game and coverage were awful a good chunk of the year. Need a new kicker, maybe draft a guy who is a ST ace

Side note, f'd over by injuries again. Boy could we have used Hunter, Williams and especially Manningham out there. He has always been clutch.
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we need that pass rush back, that will set the DBs up more. Look at the Packers game in week 1, we were buzzing on all three phases.
1. Trade Smith (obvious)
2. Get Revis cut Rodgers (can shut down half the field and is a massive improvement on Rodgers)
3. Cut Sopoaga (need to improve here)
3. Draft DT, NT, OLB in first few rounds (and do what we did with Aldon last year, just popping them in on certain downs)
4. Resign Goldson (I don't think there's anyone better out there)
5. Sign FA SS if a quality ready to start one isn't available in the draft (I have no idea who's out there)
6. Cut Whitner (as others have said not cutting it at the top level)
7. Resign Walker (again I don't think there's anything better out there)
8. Resign Moss (why not, he wants that ring and he's still got quality)

With that it would give us a much improved secondary and give J.Smith, RJF and Brooks an extra break on downs while we bleed through the younger guys.
They need a receiver to stretch the field. Safety, corner and help on the defensive line. Things will look much better in a few days.
Priority one is figure out if we can re-sign Soap. The ball rolls from this starting point.
Originally posted by GoGetit:
He screwed some past players. Didn't develop them. Also, get culliver and whither out


What? It's not Trent Baalke's job to develop anybody. He brings in the guys, Harbaugh and the staff mold them.

I wanted D-line and safety depth last draft. We didn't do it and it bit us in the ass. We need to do the same. Should also bring in another corner (can never have too many), and build O-line depth, another WR, re-sign Delanie, and get a new kicker.

A lot of holes that we did not properly address last offseason and should have seen coming.

We also need to start looking for the "next QB of the future" to back up Kaep if we're getting rid of Alex

Cully had a bad game.....Just like Kyle last year....get over it. Hes a person, this isnt Madden.

Same goes for Akers. Yes, he was awful this season, but he did his job against Balt. Say what you will about the long TD return, but no one saw that coming, no one.

We are going to draft BPA, likely load up DL and DB's at the end of the draft. Trent will extend/resign some guys that make a hell of a lot more money than I do to play a game, we will watch FA and the draft, post on here, get the new schedule for next year and await our first PS game.

Its a game guys, its just a game. Ive been a 49er fan my entire life. I will always bleed Red and Gold. I miss the Glory Years as much as the next, losing this SB was terrible.....but at the end of the day, its just a game by people that arent us.
Trade a 2nd for Revis! D line looked tired the last month and a half....

Draft DE, DT, OLB, WR, TE, and FS
On offense I would like to see a better #2 TE. Not a fan of Delanie.
WR needs more talent and depth. Outside of Crabs we don't have a healthy
starting WR. Kyle & Mario both coming off ACL injuries.
A short yardage bruising RB would be nice.
Guys I think we really missed Haralson this season in the rotation. Definitely need CB help, DL depth OLB depth and big bodied WR.
Gore´s heir to get him ready.
OLB Passrusher to get some rotation
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