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What is your biggest priority for improving the 2013 roster?

DL CB K WR all better be priorities

followed by secondary
Originally posted by dj43:
I am 50/50 on Sopoaga. Still, the front 7 is the best in the league against the run, hence Sop can't be such a huge negative as some suggest.

The defense was built to stop the run and they are doing it very well. Adding depth by drafting/signing DL who are more pass rush oriented should be a goal if only to give the current starters more rest. However, to the extent you go to more of a pass rush orientation, you tend to give up more of the run stuffing ability.

The back end is clearly an issue. Brown and Culliver just do not get the job done against the better receivers in the league.

He's ranked as one of the worst NT's in football. Having the 2 best ILB's in football almost compensates for having a lousy NT. Stop looking at the statistics and look at the individual performance. Sopoaga has been the weak link in the front 7, stop spouting the media hype BS. If it were true, this team wouldn't have gotten rocked yesterday because the NT is getting locked down by a single blocker.

In a 3-4 defense, the job of the NT is to keep the linebackers clean, to occupy multiple blockers. Soap doesn't do that. In the 49ers defense, Justin Smith has been the guy occupying multiple blockers and causing matchup problems but he has been markedly less effective since his injury, and as a result, the defense has crumbled, less pass rush, less run defense, translation is that this team gets gashed repeatedly. They need an NT that will require more than one blocker to stop, combine that with a healthy Justin Smith and you're opening things up for Aldon and Brooks to run around and wreak absolute havoc and cause mayhem all over the place.
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Darrell Revis
Originally posted by GolittaCamper:
No it doesn't we need more help from the d-line, NOBODY can cover as long as we have had to, that's the whole point in protecting a QB, any QB given time will gash you deep. If hear f**king Reves's name one more time my head will explode, IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW GOOD YOU DB'S ARE IF YOU CAN'T GET TO THE QB!/ thread

We did get pressure at times and the secondary couldn't hold up. Perfect example is when Brooks nearly sacked Flacco but flushed him to the sideline. Flacco threw up a duck to Boldin and Culliver gets beat once again.
I selected secondary, but would easily have went pass rush too - as more pass rush makes the job easier for the secondary.

But Culliver and Whitner need upgrading - whether Culliver can be coached up or moved to safety is another thing.

We need to find better guys for ST too - one way or another - despite the missed hold on the return TD that has been a weakness all year.

It is one of those things though, that you are limited to what you can improve by salary cap restrictions. There is no perfect team in the NFL because of this.
I would love to add Talib, he's just a knucklehead though.
We were exposed? Seems like they were going after Culliver more than any one else in the secondary.
Originally posted by NinerGod:
We were exposed? Seems like they were going after Culliver more than any one else in the secondary.

seems? they were.
Goldson or Whitner has to be moved. Both aren't great in coverage.
Sign Seymour as a FA to rotate with Justin and Ray.
This team has 2 more years with this core before the upcoming young players will want new contracts.
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Originally posted by Hopper:
Originally posted by NinerGod:
We were exposed? Seems like they were going after Culliver more than any one else in the secondary.

seems? they were.

Yes. He doesnt represent the secondary though. Hes one part of it that should have kept his mouth shut. Hopefully, he has learned he lesson.

Greg Roman was put into position to use his tools to win the game. He failed. 1st down in the red zone. He f**ked up.
Did I say Corner?

D-Line was not healthy, So we need some good backups
LB Play is our strength

When Manningham is back we will be better at WR, it's not like we are struggling now that Crabs has stepped up. Worried about Jenkins. Is he a project or a legit #1 draft pick? If he is a project, then we need another WR with speed and hands. No faith in Ginn or Williams. Would like to get a nice TE to compliment Davis. Too many dropped passes by Walker.

man i like our hard hitting safeties though... they set the tone even if they can't cover all that great the trade off is nice. just add another corner instead.
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This upcoming offseason is going to be huge.

We need a shut down corner.
I think Rogers is gone. Cully could be gone too after his comments and piss poor performance in the super bowl.

If we can somehow land Revis via trade... we have the picks to do it. This would be ideal.. he could come at a discount due to his injury.

Free Agency:
If somehow Mike Wallace doesn't get francised... the 49ers desperately need him. He fits perfectly for what this offense needs.
Mike Wallace is a top-leve #2 wideout and would be a perfect complement to Michael Crabtree's possession style.

Hearing whispers on ESPN Radio that the NY Giants are trying to extend Hakeem Nicks and could let Victor Cruz test the market... if he is a free agent I wouldn't mind stealing him from the Giants.

Randy Moss should not be resigned.
Manningham would be our #3 for one more year, then you let him walk and either KW or heave forbid AJ Jenkins becomes our #3 slot guy.

These two moves would fill two big needs.

I don't know what to do about Goldson. IMO, I think he is a tad bit overrated. He's not on the level of Ed Reed/Troy Polamalu status. Maybe the next tier. Youre going to have to pay him top dollar - just not sure he is worth that.

We have 14 picks in the upcoming draft, not including what we get for Alex Smith, if anything.

Major Needs
DL/DE Depth

I think ideally a pass rushing/run stopping beast of a DT would be best.

If Culliver is gone, got to find a replacement

WR Depth

a Kicker

Safety Depth

What do you guys think this team should do in the offseason in FA/Draft?
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I suppose Baalke will do something at WR. But his main focus should be on the defense.
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