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My Generation (1988-Present) #sf49ers

'95 fan here, at age 9. One year after the last SB win, where I distinctly remember not really caring and playing a computer game instead. Sigh. It has been a looooong wait, topped only by fans starting in the 1960s or earlier.
You'll be okay, I was a fan as kid in the early 70's, every one in the Bay Area seemed to my young eyes to be a Raider fans. After the catch every one was a "fan since Kezar". As a teenager this really pissed me off! Now I really don't care, I actively try to get fans on our band wagon, the more the merrier.

Watching the Super Bowl is different than any other game, regular season, sometimes I watch alone, or with just my son, we study every play, and obsess over every call, it is part science, part somber religious ceremony. Play offs, bring in friends, and a few band wagoners who enjoy my insight, and the passion for the team. The super bowl is a party, loud, rowdy, a house full of band wagoners, and even fans of other teams, I have a seahawk fan, a raider fan among the crowd, and even a few ravens fans. We will laugh, scream, tease taunt and carry on. I will not worry one bit about their level of commitment, hell even my wife watches the Super Bowl! Enjoy the day, revel in our teams glory, teach your band wagon friends the joy that is being a Niner fan, clear some room on the band wagon!
I consider myself lucky because I was in the 7th grade when we won our 1st SB.

Now my Dad is lucky. He watched the games at Kezar and got to watch Bill Russell while he attended USF. lol
87 baby here I came out the womb screaming Niners!!!!!!
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Originally posted by cciowa:
fan since i was 11 in 1972, had the joy of a comeback in the playoffs vs minnesota in 73 with brodie coming in to rescue us and the heartbreak of the next weekend with the choke vs dallas. had the joy of a 6-1 start in 1976 and the heartbreak of a 8-6 finish which led to monte being fired. had the heartbreak of joe thomas, oj simpson and hollywood henderson. been there, seen it all, good and bad. no offense to a poster who said this is the best era to be a fan.. the 80's were
Damn you are old,ha,ha. How weird, am the same age as you and been a fan for the same amount of time.
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1986 for me
Reading this thread just reminded me of a house that I bought in Modesto back in 90...The woman that sold it said that her late husband was one of the original 49ers...
Then I built a house in Turlock the next year and the Kaep family just moved in next door(cue twilight zone music)...
Originally posted by Paul_Hofer:
Originally posted by Kaepmandu:

Early 60s. John David Crow, etc.
Right there with you. I became a fan with RC Owens and the "AlleyOop". Problem is I don't remember much before 1973 when I came back from Nam. The only year that I didn't get to watch the team play. But I have to laugh that someone believes this is the best time to be a Niner fan given the suffering we went thru before the 80's. Ah, for the perspective of youth.
I too can't stand the bandwagoners.
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Started in 1976 and haven't stopped.

"How Sweet It Is" to be back we're we belong.
A lifelong 49er fan. Born in 65, grew up in santa clara--suffered for a long time. I have teenage children that have never been able to experience niner glory--this super bowl is for them.

Originally posted by pickle:
A lifelong 49er fan. Born in 65, grew up in santa clara--suffered for a long time. I have teenage children that have never been able to experience niner glory--this super bowl is for them.

My 20 year old doesn't remember the last Super Bowl, he is fired up! Let's remember there is no band wagon fans, only new fans!
I was alive for one 49er superbowl and I was 4 or something. Well now I guess we can make that two 49er superbowls.
1982. didn't even know football existed until 1988 (military brat) Seen my first 9 er game in 1989 been hooked ever since.
Originally posted by H41L5ATAN:
Strictly speaking as a sports fan, I have no respect for a bandwagon fan. I respect a fan that stays loyal to their team, even a fan of teams I hate, more than a bandwagon fan. That being said today isn't about those bandwagon fans. Successful franchises are forced to deal with bandwagon fans it comes with the territory. Since 1999 (age 11) 49ers became religion to me and I haven't missed a single game preseason or regular season.

For those unfamiliar, between 1980 -1999, the 49ers won at least 10 games each season (1982 being the exception). Our generation however...

My Point: A SPECIAL shout out to those from my generation. It's our time to finally enjoy a prosperous era of 49ers football. An era that is built to last for years, an era with a brand spanking new stadium that will be the envy of the league, an era we call our own. That being said I hope ALL true die-hards, past and present, enjoy this Super Bowl. GO NINERS!

Welcome to the good life! There wasn't alot good about the 80's and 90's but the 49ers....well excellence.
Fan since sb 23 ! Rice and Montana ! Then Young ! The years as you speak were hard , but Ive been loyal.

Im 45 years old !

Made the trip to the home opener this year all the way from NY.


I bought a Kaeper jersey for this one!

I hope the players bleed for the #6 , RUN GORE RUN !

Punch em in the mouth !!!!
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