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Current Niners you just can't see on the team next year:

I'll say AJ jenkins. Dude needs to step it up to play for harbaugh. There's no slacking off allowed, ever. He needs to hit the weight room badly. I'm probably in better shape. Ridiculous for a harbaalke first rounder to be so disappointing at WR
I don't think Haralson will get big offers. He is dependable and knows his assignments, maybe a better than even chance to stay imo.
I would want to resign at a good price these following players to return:

Moss, Soap, Walker, Goldson
Pretty much all of those make sense... I wouldn't count Ginn completely out yet. He could get some more play time next year since Moss might walk or even retire.
Originally posted by 190836:
I don't understand why people want Walker out. his versatility is a great asset.
I don't understand it either. Him and Vernon have been great targets for Kaep... and may be a better blocker than Davis
Originally posted by D-NOTTE:
Originally posted by Frisco69ers:
RB Brandon Jacobs deserves to be #1 on this list, but thank God we already got rid of that fat douche.

QB Alex Smith

WR Ted Ginn Jr

TE Delaine Walker (maybe) ???

TE/3-4DE/Clown Demarcus Dobbs (completely average at everything he does, Celek/Tukuafu both better)

OG Leonard Davis (Will be 35 by next season so I think we draft an interior lineman in rounds 3-5)

3-4 DE Tony Jerod-Eddie

DE/OLB Eric Bahktiari

OLB Clark Haggans (not impressed by him and I think we go younger with a draft pick in rounds 2-5, plus we have Cam/Fleming)

DE/OLB Parys Haralson (could be wrong on this, but I think unless he signs for cheap, we let him go)

DE/OLB Cam Johnson (IMO Fleming and a draft pick 2-5 beats him out as the backup DE/OLBs, and Wilhoite beats him as a ST player, could see him being kept on the PS though).

CB Tramaine Brock (utter Garbage CB, will def replace him)

FS Darcel McBath (IMO Michael Thomas beats him out in training camp)

K David Akers (love you man but your very inconsistant now, will bring in somone else next year).

Guys I have fighting and making the 53 next year:

WR Ricardo Lockette

OT Al Netter

OLB Darius Fleming

FS Michael Thomas

Feel free to discuss, GO NINERS!

Walker are you crazy? Delanie makes our offense so versatile. What are we gone to do? Send Miller on go routes to stretch a defense. Get real! Get to know football.

Walker could be get rid of if we draft a TE early. I love Walker and said maybe we might get rid of him, has nothing to do with whether he's valuable or not. Learn to read sometime
Originally posted by jagkid007:
Pretty much all of those make sense... I wouldn't count Ginn completely out yet. He could get some more play time next year since Moss might walk or even retire.

I would count Ginn out. He's hasn't been a consistent return man and he's not a good WR. He's gone.
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The ones i care about and have a factor on our team . Moss, Haralson, A. Smith, Manningham, Grant, and possibly Akers depending on his SuperBowl play.
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Originally posted by English:
Originally posted by BayArea:
It's 100% confirmed Alex wont be back. How weird is going to be seeing him play on another team? He has been our QB for so long it's going to be very strange.

A link which isn't just more journalistic speculation please.

I think this classifies as journalistic speculation.........
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Originally posted by BayArea:
Originally posted by NJNiner:

I think he comes back for another one or maybe even two seasons. We are still super thin at WR so we kind of need him back. If he gets a ring this year the chances are a bit slimmer but I still think he comes back for a shot at getting another one.

If Moss is back with the team next season then Trent Baalke needs to find some new college scouts. With the exception of Crabtree, none of the 49er WR would make the 45 with any of the good passing teams. Moss being back means Jenkins is a bust and the next round of college picks are no better.


Delanie only comes back if he isn't used as the #2 TE. We need a REAL #2 TE that doesn't drop the pass half the time.
Has anyone said Akers yet?
Originally posted by TonyStarks:
Has anyone said Akers yet?

i did originally, but i see him competing with a young guy this offseason
Originally posted by JerryRice1848:
Chris Culliver
God bless your soul
Ted Ginn, Jr.
Brandon Jacobs
Randy Moss
Clark Haggans
Larry Grant (hope he stays)
Parys Haralson
Chad Hall
Michael Wilhoite
Leonard Davis
Darcel McBath
Ricky Jean Francois (hope he stays)
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