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Worst niner player/coach/front office of the dark years

This was a close one, but this guy was just superb at screwing it.... (can't believe he's a VP of Football Operations now)

Honorable mentions:
Cody Pickme
Just Turn Overs (J.T.O')
Kentwan Balmer (this guy was an absolute joke)
Terry Donahue has got to hold the award for the consistently worst draft choices.
I meant him...

What are you trying to accomplish with this thread ?
Kwame Harris

This Guy has been far worse than Jimmy Raye. The One The only JIM HOSTLER

Jimmy "I´m Tired" Raye simply slept through the games.
First of all, this:

Second, it's Superbowl week, and I know you were eager to create a thread but, this one fails.
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Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
What are you trying to accomplish with this thread ?

That observational skills are totally over-rated?
TDon. And ......