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The Dark Years All-Crap Team

Now that we have the most talented roster in the league and will be contenders for years to come, I have been thinking about the dark years (2003-2010) and remember all the jaw dropping crap football that we witnessed. From the 2-14 2004 team to the 2007 team that labored to get a first down I am still astonished at the amazing turnaround in the last two years. Hard to believe just two years ago we had just wrapped up a 6-10 season. So I have been thinking if we could put together a team of the crappy players that started for us during those 8 year long years what it would look like. Not looking for pro-bowl level players, so Willis and Gore can't be on the team. Looking for the players had no business starting in the NFL but somehow did for the 49ers during those years.
Derek Smith
Mike Rumph
Ken Dorsey
Kevan Barlow
Rashaun Woods
Chilo Rachal

I'd say Reggie McGrew but I don't think he started a whole lot if ever--I try to block these years out.

GM: Terry Donahue

Dennis Erickson
Jimmy Raye
Ted Tollner
Willie Robinson
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Great idea.

QB: Alex Smith!!!! (Cody Pickett for reals)
RB: Kevan Barlow and Mo Hicks
FB: That white dude with the dreads
WR: Derrick Hamilton, Rashuan Woods, Brandon Williams, Jackson from SEA, Ashley Lelie
TE: Aaron Walker and Billy Bajema
OL: Kwame Harris, Jonas Jennings,

DL: Brandon Whiting, Jon Engleberger, Ronald Fields, Kentwan Balmer
MLB: Derek Smith,
OLB: Tully Banta-Cain, Saleem Rasheed
CB: Mike Rumph, Willlie Middlebrooks
S: Mark Roman, Ronnie Heard

P: Bill LaFleur
K:Owen Pochman
Kwame Harris
Tully Banta-Cain
Owen Pochman
Cody Pickett
f**k that I aint re-living those days.
Why all the hate for Derek Smith?
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lol amir

Glen Coffee R.B crying on the sidelines CORTEZ !
Originally posted by shawny:
Why all the hate for Derek Smith?

I don't hate him, he tried really hard and was reliable for what he was, but he just wasn't all that good, and should never have been judged an adequate player for the 49ers. Maybe for the Redskins he was good enough, but not for the 49ers.
QB: Cody Pickett
RB: Kevan Barlow
FB: Chris Hetherington
WR: Rashaun Woods
WR: Bryan Gilmore
TE: Steve Bush
LT: Patrick Estes
LG: Cody Wallace
C: Brock Guitierrez
RG: Chilo Rachal
RT: Kwame Harris

DE: Andrew Williams
DT: Kentwan Balmer
DT: Ronald Fields
DE: Roderick Green
LB: Saleem Rasheed
LB: Richard Zeigler
LB: Hannibal Navies
CB: Willie Middlebrooks
CB: Sammy Davis
FS: Mike Adams
SS: Ben Emanuel
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Nate Clements (for the time he picked off Matt Ryan then fumbled to cost us the game)
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