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Need something cleared up regarding Dalton/Kaepernick

Who cares the Niners drafted the right guy. Why dissect it?
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
He wanted Kaep because he knows Kaep is better.

Yeah, Dalton's ceiling was always "Phil Simms" (and it's so obvious at this point), while Kaepernick's is what you'd get if Cunningham + Elway had a baby together.
Originally posted by AmpLee:
LaConforia was the douchebag who insinuated that Harbs might have wanted Dalton as his QB. It was completely baseless, but of course the nay-sayers on the zone ran with it.

This, I knew it was BS back then, LaCanfora was and still is full of it.
A couple weeks ago on 95.7 Baalke said that Kaep was Harbs choice. They where giving him credit for the pick and he said we drafted Kaep. He explained a little more and the way he spoke it seemed like he was insinuating that Kaep was Harbaugh's choice.
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Originally posted by BuZzB28:
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Originally posted by BuZzB28:
Yes that is true! I remembered that 49ers really wanted Dalton but Cinn bengals changed his mind then grab to Dalton! I was so happy! i suprised it that 49ers did jump and trade up to grab Kaep! I was like.. Yessss!!! I really must to say thank you Cinn Bengals!! Good Job 49ers did grab with Kaep!

Not really. Harbaugh always wanted Kaepernick, he spent the most time with Kaepernick, that was his guy. I remember hearing that Baalke and some of the other scouts were interested in Dalton but Harbaugh always wanted Kaepernick and only Kaepernick, he felt that Dalton was more ready but that Kaepernick had significantly better tools and upside.
Serious? Good Job Harbaugh!! I am so happy.. I am tell u the true cuz i really interested in Kaep more than Dalton because i watched Kaep on video youtube what he did play for college and chamionship. he did beat the Boise college. My eyes on him.. he looked good and smart to plays and good his mind and get to fight the win games.. I loved it..

So Buzz, I'm curious. After reading your posts for a few years now I really had just one question. Does everything that everyone else posts look completely backwards and illegible to you?
Originally posted by 9erfanAUS:
Originally posted by matt49er:
I saw something that said Harbaugh was the only guy in the organization that wanted Kaep over Dalton and they let Harbs choose because he's a QB guru and it worked out

Where did you get this?

I read this before aswell. Not sure where.
I bet Harbaalke did feign serious interest in Dalton, although they might've still been impressed by him. Sure made it easier to draft Kap. He is totally superior to Dalton as it turns out. Their personalities are pretty similar, but Colin with just alot more dynamic presence and upside.
Originally posted by ninerfan818:
Who cares the Niners drafted the right guy. Why dissect it?


Unless Harbaugh says outright somewhere that they wanted Dalton over Kaepernick, it's just conjecture over what their plans were. Everyone in the 49ers camp will say it was Kaepernick all along.
All in all, the 49ers were in a very good position to trade up for Dalton OR Kaepernick. We really would've had good fortune to go with either guy, but I want to say that I'm glad it was Kaepernick.

Kaepernick gives the 49ers makes the offense super-explosive.
I watched the 49ers draft cam live. Kaep was Harbaughs guy.
Originally posted by KegBert:
Just recently there was an interview (on Real Sports) with Harbs dad and he said Jim told him before day 2 of the draft that he was drafting Colin.

Edit: Here's a link

shouldnt jim have been worried jack would tell john and ravens trade ahead of niners to take kaepernick?

A history lesson on the drafting of Colin Kaepernick.Read More:

Come back with me to draft weekend 2011, when the 49ers had the 45th overall pick and began to understand late in the first round that they'd need to move up to get the man they wanted, Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

I covered the draft in San Francisco that weekend. GM Trent Baalke and Jim Harbaugh had targeted Kaepernick and TCU quarterback Andy Dalton, in that order, before the draft. Late in the first, Baalke tried to trade up with a package of picks starting with the Niners' pick at 45, but couldn't swing a deal. He started again a half hour before the beginning of Friday's second round, calling the Patriots, who held the first pick (No. 33) that evening.

The Raiders, who'd dealt their 2011 first-round choice to New England in September 2009 to get defensive tackle Richard Seymour, were also trying to get the Pats' pick. That gave the Patriots leverage. San Francisco offered two third-round picks (one from this draft, one from 2012) to move up, but New England wanted a third-rounder this year and a second-rounder next year. Baalke thought that was too much, even if it meant losing his quarterback of the future. The Patriots hung on and drafted Virginia cornerback Ras-I Dowling. Baalke knew the Bills weren't going to take Kaepernick or Dalton at 34, and he figured Cincy would take Dalton at 35. So he focused on the pick after Cincinnati's, held by the Broncos, and dealt fourth- and fifth-rounders this year to Denver. Baalke got his man, and for significantly less than he would have paid New England.

The Niners drafted Kaepernick with the fourth pick in the second round on Friday, at about 3:17 p.m. Pacific Time. Kaepernick was in his hometown of Turlock, Calif., about 90 minutes from Santa Clara, where the 49ers train. Kaepernick was in the 49ers building, grinning widely, by 6:30 p.m. Eager student. That weekend, Baalke said to me: "Colin has a unique ability to think himself to win. That's something we believe is very important for an NFL quarterback, and that's one of the things that attracted us to him.''

Twenty-one months later, he's in the Super Bowl.

Read More:

i believe Colin was the QB they wanted all along and Trent was happy that Cincinnati picked Dalton.

Peter King is really good with football history.
I believe him.
Kaep was always the guy.

/end thread
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Dalton has a noodle arm. Glad, we picked the right guy. We're set a Qb for the next 10 years with Kap.
Originally posted by jdean:
Originally posted by est1985:
I remember vaguely hearing somewhere that Harbaugh personally took a trip to scout Dalton at TCU and he was his guy but apparently he couldn't trade up far enough(because we traded up for Kaep, anyways) and Kaep was his second choice. Can anyone clarify this?

I actually remember a story that Walsh would have taken phill Simms over montana if Simms were available. That worked out great , I hope this works out just as well.

Wow, thanks for that article on Walsh Simms / Montana …. Never heard that before … interesting.
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