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Post Super Bowl Week 49ers Videos here

not sure why my thread got moved to the parking lot

keep it here. its superbowl time and i'm sure there are youtube videos out there that need to be seen.

please post em here...get the hype train going
too many good videos
Cried like this dude when the reality hit me we were going.

Sux to be the other guys. Know that feel. f**king Kyle.

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WARNING: Front row may get jizzed on

Originally posted by Young2Rice:
WARNING: Front row may get jizzed on

Wow! Talk about getting fired up from a video. Made me think of my soph. year in high school having to go to mass and missing "the catch" (hearing the outcome from the priest during mass) through my young adult and early married life enjoying 49ers dominance. What makes this Super Bowl special is the opportunity for my children to become part of that legacy--enjoying the game with them and old friends with whom I watched the first Niner Super Bowl win. Let's do this. Thank you God!
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^^^ YES! I was hoping for another one of those vids!
Originally posted by susweel:

tang-inang INCHEXXX!!!

Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:

I love this. I hope another one will be made after next Sunday and the completion of the "Quest for Six."
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:

Man video's like this make me appreciate being a DIE HARD 49ers fan

^^ Was that dude really wearing a Bo Jackson Auburn jersey? lol

Niners leaving San Jose yesterday afternoon.

Now, this video is more plane porn than anything else, but if you skip to 4:15 on takeoff, you get an AMAZING view of the stadium in the distance. It's quite an epic shot, future Super Bowl champs, and future home all at once. It kinda gave me chills.

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