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What Will Be The Final Score And Who Will Win

Niners 27
Ravens 20
Niners 27
Ravens 20
27-17 ravens
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35-0 Niners
49ers - 31

Ravens - 13

its not going to be a defensive slugfest like most people think , our offense has more speed , and more weapons this time around, plus the best offensive line in football ....we will have success on the ground AND in the passing game.

Our defense is the bully this time ..NOT the Ravens

I'm expecting a lot of fireworks from our team this time ...BRING HOME #6
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35-17 Ravens. Anquan Boldin MVP with 5 TD receptions

I hope you're joking.

He's into the reverse-psychology jinx thing (I think)

Last time I checked it's the niners not the browns playing the SB
I'm going with a big one here Niners 45 Ravens 13, the AFC general level is way below NFC's you'll see...

MVP will be either Vernon or Gore
SF 31 - Baltimore 17. TD's by Moss, Gore, Davis and Kap plus a 40+ field goal by Akers for redemption.
Niner's win 38 - 21....
34-27 us!

Both D's have showed that they can be had at times and I just think this is gonna turn out to be a fun high scoring game with the Niners coming out on top!

49ers 31
Ravens 20

Damn the best football simulation video game EVAR has us losing!
Forty-Niners win 34-20
49ers 55
Ravens 10

Welcome back to the superdome!
Originally posted by paperplanemedia:

Damn the best football simulation video game EVAR has us losing!

Man my Nintendo WII sucks.....
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