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Brooks Appreciation Thread

Hell of a game by Ahmad. Earned that contract extension he got last season...he is really underappreciated by the media as an asset to that defense.
He has been solid in every game. I think him and the other unknowns on the D will have a big game in a couple of weeks.
Brooks is terrific. 2nd team All Pro ... At least somebody was watching. On and down in, down out basis, Brooks is as good a SAM backer as there is in NFL.
He is the Ernie Holmes of our linebackers. I'm glad we have Brooks signed longterm. Highly underrated. Hopefully a future All-Pro.
Damn shame he was named a alternate on the pro bowl, now everyone will know hes just as good as the other 3. Something 9er fans have known for some time now.
has been the better OLB the last few weeks
has been the better OLB the last few weeks
dude just comes to work. the sack numbers aren't there but he puts plenty of pressure on the QB, great against the run and as we saw today and against the saints he can make a play or two on the ball

props to him he came up huge
A worthy member of a great linebacker squad.
Wonder what the Bengals are thinking now?
Originally posted by sincalfaithful:
most underrated LB of the 4 IMO

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