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1994 throwback uniforms

Looks terrible, like some sort of b*****d mix of Cardinals, Falcons, and 49ers jersey.
I would like to see us wear the OG 1946 unis for opening day in the new stadium. Simple white and red.
Originally posted by Niners99:
How many games did we wear them that season? I was 8, so i dont remember a ton from that year besides the SB.

Did we ever lose in them? Our only losses were @KC, vs. PHI, and @MIN. I know the KC and PHI games were regular uniforms. Did we wear the throwbacks @MIN week 17?

Wasnt there some sort of superstition that year, and thats why we ended up wearing them almost every week?

I think we may see those throwbacks make a 20th anniversary comeback in 2014, which would be awesome.

Yup, remember those uniforms and that Super Bowl season CLEARLY. LOVED IT.

Actually the 49ers did wear updated uniforms with those colors during the 96 and 97 seasons. They were cool lookin too.
Thought the uniforms were perfect for our almost artistic offense

But in general I am against white pants in football unless it's Arena Football.
Too clean, too white

Originally posted by captveg:
We started wearing them in Week 3 because that was the week the entire league wore throwbacks for the NFL's 75th Anniversary. We were 1-1 in Weeks 1-2. They were worn again in Week 4 (Deion's INT against Saints), but the regular uniforms were worn in Week 5 in the loss to the Eagles. Siefert beiong the superstitious guy he was had them wear them the rest of the year.

So, including playoffs, they were 15-1 with the throwbacks and 1-2 without them.

Yup. Plus, the only game we lost with the throwbacks was the regular season finale @ Vikings. We sat the starters most of the game since we clinched home-field advantage. So in actuality we were 15-0 with the throwbacks. I'd love to see us wear them once or twice a year.