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1994 throwback uniforms

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I dug out of storage a Steve Young jersey from '94....

Definitely could have been from the used to wear white jerseys both home and away games back then

they didn't start wearing those throw back Jersey's till like 3 or 4 games in i preseason was the normal jersey with the 75 patch

That's right In those days we usually wore the white jerseys at home in the preseason. So there was probably 4-5 opportunities to wear that jersey. For some reason, I think in the preseason of 1994 we might have had to wear the dark jerseys at San Diego, cause they chose their lights one. IMO, if that's not week 2 uniform, it has to be a preseason one.
Thanks Dr. Bill Walsh for that hint.
I've never collected sports memorabilia so I have some questions about it, it's nice to get some good advise.

Can you tell me if you have you ever seen a Certificate of Authenticity that was in the form of a Letter of Authenticity before? I could not find anything else like it online, do I have to call Curt and ask him to call Steve to send me something different than what he sent me already, if I wanted to give it to someone one day? I guess I'm asking if it is a valid form of authentication today, or do I need something more commercial?

Any chance you can you point me towards where I can find a '94 preseason uniform chart (if there is one), or other clue that might help identify this jersey, thanks.
In the '94 preseason they played:

08/05/1994 (Fri)@ Arizona
08/12/1994 (Fri)Denver
08/18/1994 (Thu)@ San Diego
08/26/1994 (Fri)Seattle

They likely wore white all 4 games unless, as Niners816 said, the Chargers forced them to wear red in the third game.

UPDATE: Researching Getty Images revealed they wore red jerseys against the Broncos, Chargers and if your jersey wasn't from the Cardinals game, it was likely worn against Kansas City (or is a fake):
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You guys know your stuff, I am floored.
Certain it's not a fake, sure it's not this one

as someone paid $9,500 for it, so I will search for photos from the 8-5-94 game that I can make a copy of (don't know why, maybe I caught some kind of sports bug here) I want to print it out. If I start framing pictures of the day he wore it am I officially a sports fan? Don't watch football, except of course I saw the YouTube videos of the Monkey off my Back Game where Steve runs over to Curt seats on his victory lap, but I am feeling the urge now. Do guys tell sports stories on this forum? Would it be appropriate to tell the Steve/ Curt story here (I'm too lazy to read the fine print of signin), it is very cool.
This website has been very helpful in helping me identify this old gamer, thanks. It looks as though you are correct Dr. Bill Walsh, again. It seems the game was in Arizona on 8-5-94 that he wore this jersey

I found a guy herein giving advise on buying used fakes on Ebay which helped me too called 9erstorm, he said
The NFL's 75th anniversary took place during the 1994 season. If you see a 49ers jersey from this year (like the ones that they wore in Super Bowl XXIX, it MUST have this patch. The patch was sewn in one of two spots. Either the top if the patch should be perfectly aligned with the seam near the collarbone that separates the body of the jersey from the top of the jersey. Or it could be placed about half an inch to an inch higher so that the left and right corners of the diamond shape are aligned with this seam. Also, it is a common misconception to see a jersey in the style of the 80's teams with this patch. This may still be an authentic. The 49ers wore their regular jerseys during the beginning of the 1994 season and did not switch to the "shadow" style until later in the season.
so I looked through my pictures and saw this one

See it? I then I looked through your link at Getty Images and saw the first games had it offset, actually it went beyond that link to clarify it. This took a while to convince myself, but you were all over that call, thanks Dr. Bill Walsh, it was not the one of a kind game 2 but one of a kind preseason game. What a great time it was for me. And if anyone knows anything about this sort of a personal certification document that it has, it says
forgive me for the picture quality, the pictures were taken on an old apple laptop so they are not very good. I am going to Brookings again next week, I will remember to take some nice ones hopefully. So if anyone can throw out a clue on if letterhead from a player's private corporation stating his jersey is his, is this an acceptable form of authentication in today's commercial market place? There may be doubters if I put it out there, so do you know if a 'Letter of Authenticity' is the same as a 'Certificate of Authenticity'?
I think that your letter is fine. It is from the Forever Young Foundation, which should be good enough for anyone. That's a pretty cool souvenir that you have there.
Thanks 9erStorm that helps, I will try to find it a new home for it with some real fans around that would enjoy it. Your site was very helpful in several ways, and fun too, thanks!

Originally posted by 9erStorm:
I think that your letter is fine. It is from the Forever Young Foundation, which should be good enough for anyone. That's a pretty cool souvenir that you have there.

Maybe a souvenir is all it is it seems.

and i thought it had some kind of significance.

Forgive me but i was seeking more info and went to another forum. They had there way with me so i am running back here where the nice people are. There were however a couple sharp individuals that noted some things of importance that the collector out there may want to take note of, a nice eye saw that the lettering is not the same as was in seen in the game 2 Goldin pics, also a sharp guy found that in Arizona on 8/5/94 they wore home jerseys not aways after all, and a guy with no sass just class noted that its tagging is unlike any other he'd ever seen and he says he has 80 similar models available to him to compare to.

The bottom line is 9erStorm we may never know what the heck this jersey was from, but thanks for taking a look at it for me.

I learned a lesson on presumptions by this adventure, i see how important photomatching is too, i hunted the images from 08/05/1994 and saw many pics of teams who wore the patch offset for the first game of the preseason and eventually presumed it was that first preseason game because of everyone elses patch placement being offset. Even though i never saw an image of a 49er from the game, i presumed it was that 8/5/94 game after seeing images of their other preseason games without the patch placement being offset, duh. Huge mistake to presume anything, i should know better ttto. Felt pretty stupid saying it was from a game when i wasn't even close, no wonder they called me names. Let me know if these clues mean anything to you, thanks.
Call me crazy but I think this is the best niner uniform of all time.
Originally posted by taney71:
I used to like them back then but now think that are awful looking with that lighter colored red.
I know a lot of fans like the throwbacks but I just never liked them. Give me the current ones with better sleeve stripes

Originally posted by 9ertillidie:
Call me crazy but I think this is the best niner uniform of all time.

so do a bunch of card companies, i typed into G. images Steve Young throwback and saw at least six pics of him wearing it, lets see how many we have here...

so according to experts, 9ertillidie has good taste.
please come back...
The 94 season uni's are my favorites. The white just looked so clean.
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so, yeah...


this must be what mcgibblets wears on sundays lol

I'm about a year late to this joke but still.
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