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AKERS MADE THE FG. Sweet, but dang Crabs that was a Missed opportunity for a td NO ONE Said it was going to be easy!!!!
Hopefully we get back to what got us here
Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes...wrong day to be off by a half-a-second or a couple of inches...

Nice long drive...hopefully, the D has made some adjustments...

Let's go 9ers!!!
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Originally posted by 49erfaninPA:
Was that pass really to Moss, which is why it was high for Crabs?

Originally posted by Bali-Niner:
Originally posted by FredFlintstone:
We can move the ball on these bas***ds, it's our damn d I'm worried about

Once again....can they cover or wot?

They'll bring it on this drive
Time for the D to come it and define themselves. Lets goooo D!!!
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It's cool it's cool - let's go D
Glad Akers got a chance to feel it go in early.
Reed is out
Originally posted by taney71:
I'll be fine with the field goal IF the defense stops the Ravens

Lets hope

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Woah Ed Reed hurt his knee. That could be a game changer.
Man, I'm hoping for a stop here.
Reed off to get sum drugs..
get a pass rush going damnit
Jones will probably run them all out, so ST better be ready
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