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Originally posted by BubbaParisMVP:
Gotta give Flacco credit, he played a brilliant game and extended drives when it looked like he was toast.

Eat a dick retard.
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Where were the no-calls when the Ravens got drive extending PIs?
Bottom line is this: We had 4 downs to get it into the endzone, and we failed.

Also, what a stupid f**king thing to do to burn a timout instead of taking the 5 yard penalty. Even if we failed to score, we could have used 2 timeouts to stop the clock and get the ball back with 1 minute left. Instead, we had 4 seconds.
Damn huge cockiness wony be sucked tonight in San Francisco. Gay Americas team wont win the title. My friends in San Francisco won't get their retum opened.

The San Francisco 49ers are Gay Americas team.
Originally posted by 4ever9ers:
Great season but that was a rough ending.

Next year.

F*** next year. I hate hearing those words after a big loss.
Horrendous playcalling at the end. Three straight throws from 2nd & Goal on. I can't believe we didn't try to pound it in.
Originally posted by Jcool:
Hold wasnt the issue... Terrible play calling did us in....

That's two years in a row where getting pass happy cost us the game.
It's been a Good season Niner Fan. this Game really showed a lots of
the WZers true identity. A very SAD showing from MANY in this Thread.
I don't think i'll ever be able to understand the final 3 plays. No Nagta, running down their throats, we're a power team, and we've got freaking kaep who had been gashing them all game. and we just f**k up the game on those 3 plays. god damn it. this hurts. And now we have to deal with f**king ray lewis dick slurping. are you f**king kidding me.
thx culliver, thx whitner

Originally posted by mayo49:
Not running it on the 5 with goal to go was the teams demise. By play calling by Roman.

Why throw a fad-away on 4th down. I didn't even like the 3rd down play call. I would have tried a kaep run on the 3rd down play. That play they ran when a TO was called looked like it was going to work.
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We were the better doubt in my mind. But Jim got outcoached by his older bro.
Originally posted by grizzlyadams:
Reasons we lost:

1. Roman's crap play calling
2. Secondary is horrible
3. Bad game mgmt.
4. Bad no call by the ref in the end zone play.

The endzone no call I can let go...the blatant facemask by Boldin for the first I am pissed about.
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