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Kap plays so damn slow.
We are still winning this s**t
I am going for it on 4th down --it is TD or bust.
Where the fack is the urgency? This is pathetic.
Lol at Kaep being clueless again.
Kaeps kind of starting to piss me off i have been so positive all game, first score to BAL i stayed positive. Im losing it here man, i accepted defeat almost, but we can still make a damn miracle happen, but we have to play with some damn urgency. Not this sisy time out crap
No f**king sense of urgency.
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I have a feeling this drive is going to take 9 minutes lol.
Originally posted by lazy:
Wheres the PI?

flags don't get thrown for our benefit
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Originally posted by leakyfausett:
Where the fack is the urgency? This is pathetic.

Game is too big for Kaep at the moment. if we score here he might be alright.

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Need to keep the mo mo
Originally posted by ninerjok:
Crab deflecting ball off his facemask. Nothing works.

Defender grabbed his arm & actually turned him. Should've been PI.
Originally posted by 49erfaninPA:
Every time we cross mid-field it should be 4 down territory

The play clock runs down to under 5 seconds on every play. It makes no sense at all.
Originally posted by niners94:
Kap plays so damn slow.

He's never had to run the no huddle....that is what experiences brings and that is what we need right now. The clock is no longer our friend if we play this slow.
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