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Why call a time out on first down
Originally posted by mayo49:
Go, Niners, go!

24-0 this half and we will win

Believe in kaep.
Just what we need. A nice long time consuming drive.
slow and wasted a timeout. f**king idiots.
Originally posted by TurlockCK7:
Originally posted by Jersey9er:
Really Turlock. Figures when u have nothing productive to say. and maybe u misread, i said lets leave the Smith talk out, because he and kaep helped us get to where we are. And I mean come on young man, you were just birthed into the zone recently. Get a few more months or maybe even a year, then maybe you'll be mature enough to make a comment that actually adds something to the convo.

Thanks Jreff, as many of us know, when u have nothing of meaning to say, u just take shots. used to that after the last couple of years in the zone.
Yeah n***a I have nothing meaningless to say I'm at the point now I'm ready shoot me Mutha f**ka especially a Alex dick sucker! Now do you want to see a n***a too?

If we dont get a TD here the Ravens will have pulled out the dagger
in order to have any kind of chance, we are gonna have to score at least 1 td this quarter. Come on Kaep, u can do it bruh
Originally posted by SFrush:
Originally posted by Niners99:
So the LMJ fumble is Kap's fault? Gore has sucked, the D has sucked. Kap is the only one doing anything positive.

Also Brooks going offside when he was lined up right over the nose of the football. smh still fuming over that

...or the secondary running around like headless chickens.
Need a quick score and a int real real fast
Originally posted by lazy:
Wheres the PI?

Thank you

Originally posted by THEB:
Originally posted by leakyfausett:
Where the fack is the urgency? This is pathetic.

Game is too big for Kaep at the moment. if we score here he might be alright.

it will help for the future--so that is the positive.
Originally posted by grizzlyadams:
Where was the PI on Crab's ball?

Probably the same place the OPI was on the Ravens in the 2nd quarter
Originally posted by LambdaChi49:
No f**king sense of urgency.

Gotta agree with you there.
Originally posted by sdaddy101269:
Plenty of time left, he needs to keep running the ball!
Originally posted by Niners99:
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Originally posted by truekingcarlos:
Originally posted by Niners99:
Originally posted by Strwy2Hevn:
Originally posted by BubbaParisMVP:
Originally posted by Niners99:
We have a such a gem in Kap, and hes only in his 10th start. Hes still a baby, and has already led us to a SB. GTF off his back.

Some of you guys are so short-sighted and ungrateful.

Nice to know how many people would stab you in the back when the going got tough. Pathetic.

Yup. The good thing about this season is, regardless of what happens today, we can now go forward with the confidence that we have a franchise QB.

After 9 games?

Why are you still here troll? GTFO.

You are no longer a 49ers fan. Goodbye. Go find a new team.

Huh? So when you were hating on Alex and hoping he'd fail you weren't a 49er fan either?

Never hated on Smith. Nice try. Again, BYE!

Im still pissed about the blatant hold on the ravens kickoff return td too. two ravens sandwiching a niner holding onto his jersey and everything
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