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Originally posted by sfninerfanMax:
Montana was down 34-12 in the cotton Bowl in the 4th qtr and won 35-34--if you want to be a great one--you make miracles happen.

raven D too good, Niner D too bad, can't make a play on Offense to save thoier lives..Saddest performance in the San Francisco 49ers playoff history..sux
Our f**king guys are yawning on the sideline lol
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Shut up, Solomon.
I don't think we have enough defense to beat them...
But this should not be a surprise, the defense just doesn't look the same. Especially Aldon smith
Originally posted by niners94:
I'm surprisingly not even nervous.

That's called accepting the loss lol
This hurts... Bad
Originally posted by niners94:
I'm surprisingly not even nervous.

shellshocked ?
go on a quick 14-0 run...we're back in the game, 28-20.
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Why are the Ravens stretching to stay lose and the Niners are just sitting on the bench?!?!?!
I believe! There still football left. Until it hits zero I won't stop believeing. It has been a fantastic year no matter what.

Originally posted by Bali-Niner:
Originally posted by mryan1004:
Kaep will be a very good qb, it is just too soon for him right now, we have to digest being 5-1 in the superbowl

I refuse to digest that....

It's killin me, we have to deal and prepare for the draft. Secondary is a must, then think about replacing justin smith if he decides to leave. I hate this sadness deep within
I love how the ravens are stretching and staying loose, and were sitting on our asses.
Perfect summary for the game.
I'm sorry to all the people who paid all that money to watch this garbage.
"The coaches and players are going to deal with it the best they can"

What is that? Its not like they have any other choice, great reporting there
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My ex girlfriends FB comments. She f**king hates football too.

"Well that halftime time show was as exciting as watching paint dry....."
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