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Originally posted by ninersrule4:
Originally posted by StOnEy333:
God is trying to stop the ravens from winning. lol

This lol!

Hahah we have taken a MAJOR step back today.
The stadium has gone to sleep -- the 9ers are boring her.
I'm literally counting the minutes until this is over and these people are out of house I hate this
Originally posted by 1251alex:
the Ravens are not better than us. I know it sounds stupid coming from a fan of a team that is getting its ass kicked, but theyre just something wrong with our mentality tonight. f**king morons.

Dude we all know that Baltimore is not better than us
Originally posted by JiksJuicy:
We SUCKED the electricity right out of the entire city.

Kaep will be a very good qb, it is just too soon for him right now, we have to digest being 5-1 in the superbowl
I hate this game
If we were going to lose, I wanted to lose by 10 points or less.....but this is a blowout.

The Ravens were much more prepared than the Niners were.
Guess the power loss took down the broad casters too.

It was a great season men, filled with highs and lows. Im glad i enjoyed many victories and a playoff run with the web zone, ive said all positive things, but with Jacoby's return TD, and the lights going out. Im just depressed. f**k
They should probably just start the game over next sunday
Originally posted by socalfan21:
Hahah we have taken a MAJOR step back today.

Not really. Kap just needs to keep progressing.
Come on jeez i dont wanna stay up til midnight watching our guys get raped.
Originally posted by OregonNiner87:
Alex Smith is laughing his ass off.

I'm laughing at this retarded comment
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