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now the lights go
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Great, the lights go out. Very fitting.
Another thing that pathetic is 49er fans with money let's the Raven fans fill the staduim.
Just wow
God is trying to stop the ravens from winning. lol
Turn out the lights... The party's over....
the Ravens are not better than us. I know it sounds stupid coming from a fan of a team that is getting its ass kicked, but theyre just something wrong with our mentality tonight. f**king morons.
Game postponed due to darkness? lol
Hope it's just a power outage.
The stadium is like the 49ers D, playing lights out !

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We SUCKED the electricity right out of the entire city.
Originally posted by StOnEy333:
God is trying to stop the ravens from winning. lol

This lol!
Never has a 49er team played so badly in a Superbowl, never...
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Originally posted by TruNinerFan:
Originally posted by dmax:
white flag

If you're gonna be a quitter, go somewhere else. Plenty other teams out there u can root for.

whatever. its being realistic, the game is over. Take your homer glasses off. I have been a die hard fan for over 25 years, I can admit when my team is defeated.
The ultimate Murphy's Law game. Just LOL
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