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Game over
We can't do anything right
That is a killer. Horrible start.
Nail in the coffin right there. When it rains it pours.
i can only laugh at this s**t.... aint even mad anymore.

Originally posted by Ninersince88:
Originally posted by Jersey9er:
I waited for almost 3 to 4 weeks before i commented again.

Just like i did in the last game we played. Everything happens when we get the ball back in the second half, and hopefully keep the Ravens from scoring on the opening 3rd quarter drive.

Listen the Ravens are just beating us at our own game. it's just that simple. Kaep is supposed to be giving us the deep ball. Flacco actually is. When flushed out the pocket Flacco is making things happen down the field. When flushed out the pocket, Kaep is either trying to run, or trying to throw a bullet on every pass.

The D. i mean they are breaking at times, but that also has to do with being on the field longer than the Ravens.

Point is, Steve Young said it in the beginning of the show on ESPN, they are either gonna win because of Kaep, or lose because of him. Because he's the new factor thats different, and supposed to take the team over the top.

Here goes to Kaep in the second half. Bring us back, and believe me, it will be one of the best stories in football history. Make no noise, and well. I'll just wait for that.

Go Niners!

Disagree. Kaep is too young and inexperienced for this stage, especially a comeback like this. We should have stuck with Smith.

You notice i didnt even bring up Smith. Don't wanna talk about anymore unneeded drama. Point is. for us to win this game. Kaep is gonna have to put the team on is back. Since he's gotten in, he's the captain of cool. although he's looked more shaky since that first int.

But please brotha, no Smith talk, we rolling with Kaep, and it's he who's gonna have to put the game on his back and bring us back. Except the difference is, this isnt the Falcons.

I have faith tho... Go Niners!
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What a joke.
Well, cant blame that on the secondary I guess
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