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The D MUST get a 3 and out, they must.. NINERS!!
Hard to 15min the football season will be over and we may suffer a SB loss. Everyone know show hard it is to get back to the SB the very next year to.
Originally posted by SFL49ER:
3 step drop passes please

Checkdown to Gore and LaMike

Stop going for the home run until the fourth

Yup, would like to see them stretching the field laterally. Would help to open up the middle.
this is it, we must come back, we have to come back.

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Gotta get a stop first drive.

Trying not to dwell on the f**k ups, but the BAL has had some great luck, including a couple calls go their way -- by no means why we're losing but still -- ad we've just shot ourselves in the face with killer early penalties (How the hell do line up wrong on the first play of the game that you practice for 2 weeks and Brooks), the Jame's fumble was also a killer.

It's a shame too because we were moving the ball well early in the first quarter, and Davis was making Lewis his b***h. Might be a little too late to get back in this game...f**k.
Originally posted by Baldie:
Hard to 15min the football season will be over and we may suffer a SB loss. Everyone know show hard it is to get back to the SB the very next year to.

30 dude...
I waited for almost 3 to 4 weeks before i commented again.

Just like i did in the last game we played. Everything happens when we get the ball back in the second half, and hopefully keep the Ravens from scoring on the opening 3rd quarter drive.

Listen the Ravens are just beating us at our own game. it's just that simple. Kaep is supposed to be giving us the deep ball. Flacco actually is. When flushed out the pocket Flacco is making things happen down the field. When flushed out the pocket, Kaep is either trying to run, or trying to throw a bullet on every pass.

The D. i mean they are breaking at times, but that also has to do with being on the field longer than the Ravens.

Point is, Steve Young said it in the beginning of the show on ESPN, they are either gonna win because of Kaep, or lose because of him. Because he's the new factor thats different, and supposed to take the team over the top.

Here goes to Kaep in the second half. Bring us back, and believe me, it will be one of the best stories in football history. Make no noise, and well. I'll just wait for that.

Go Niners!
Is the half time over yet? I haven't watched a second of it.
We got to believe. It's all we got now.
Looks like we should use our 13 pics to rebuild our Secondary first.........and our defensive line next.

Originally posted by BuZzB28:
I told the people! Whitner don't have talent to read the offense and idiot to plays!! I am right!!

Please stop posting. I know you mean well but you are obviously using Google translate to translate to English and reading what it gives you is just pissing me off with the way the game is going.
Originally posted by Bali-Niner:
Originally posted by ace49ers:
The first INT was heart breaking from a 49er QB. But if that is the turning point in this game and gets Kap back in stride then it wont be so much of a blow.

He doesn't look like he's all there today. They need to run him, looks like he's conflicted, like he is getting too much BS in his earhole..

We were moving the ball at first. That fumble & int killed us.
Def Leppard should do the halftime show
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Originally posted by NJNiner:
Damn! Why all the hate for Beyonce? I thought she was excellent! Lighten up folks.

Her music is awful. I honestly hate her more than any other entertainer on the planet. When you sit and repeat 2 lines the entire song, and just shake you very very very very hot ass and are successful I hate her. Put a ring on it is by far the worst song I have ever heard. This has nothing to do with the Niners, I have hated that b***h for a long while.
This isn't over by a long show. Time for a storybook comeback! One TD and we're right back in it!
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