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Originally posted by THEB:
The Ravens have had extreme luck go their way. 3 hail marys caugh, and a fumble is the difference in this game.
That's not luck sorry to tell you. That's there bread and butter
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Originally posted by NinerBuff:
pretty much. It's going to be a very long offseason

what did joe say
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I can't stand the fact that the niners shut down aaron rodgers twice, brady, matt ryan, drew brees...and they can't stop flacco
I still have faith. Force the Ravens to a 3nd and out, get the ball back, get into the freakin endzone, and boom, it's a 21-13 game. Stop them again and we"ll only be down by 1 or 5 points. I f**kin believe. Our secondary will play a sh*t load better in the 2nd half and help us comeback. We ain't losing this game guys. Get ready for an even epic-er comeback then we had against the Falcons 2 weeks ago. WE ARE GOING TO WIN THIS GAME. KEEP THE FAITH. THIS SB IS OURS.

GO 49ERS BABY!!!!!!
Originally posted by BayArea:
We been sleeping for 2 weeks. Unreal how much we underestimate this team. I believe though. Second half 49er magic.

I hope!

In order for us to come back, our D needs to stop the Ravens on all their drives. To this point, they haven't done that but once. I'd like to say positive but its hard to at this point.
Originally posted by BayArea:
Why is it so easy for teams to pass on us? We can't even slow them down now and obviously offense isn't going to bail us out. The only positive I have seen is that Akers looks like he can kick again. Besides that it looks like we want the Ravens to win this one.

Like half time guys said..49ers secondary is horrid...
CBS still kissing Ray Lewis' butt. They're saying he's leading the Ravens' D. He hasn't done anything.
Originally posted by wysiwyg:
Marino and Boomer both on our side

Yeah and they both lost to us
win or lose the draft has to be on the defense--get better pass coverage and another pass rusher.
Originally posted by Buchy:
We need to see how the 2nd half adjustments plan out.

We seem to be moving the chains well in general, but we're not stopping their O and we're getting the ball in horrible field position. If we can't cover downf ield then we need to apply pressure on the rush to stop him picking the deep balls.

We get them in 3 and longs. Then they throw deep. You think the 49ers would play any thing other then a man to man,but nope.

Originally posted by smithgdwg:
Joe Montana was clearly right.

Exactly! Anyone that thought today's team has even a small chance against the 89 team doesn't know ANYTHING about football!
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Originally posted by HudsonValley:
Anyone thinking we can pull out an ATL miracle and hold them no nothing 2nd half ?

Were only down 2 scores. Can be done.
Roman play calling scared. First drive he runs the ball on 3rd down to punt. After we stop the fake FG he runs on 3rd down to punt. 2nd and 2 at the end of the half with less than a minute he runs the ball. Hey Roman you're down 21 to 3 try scoring a TD.
When we have them in 3rd and long Whitner is missing assignments and then the penalties. We will clean this up next half and we will score literally every possession this half. Watch as we rule!!
Originally posted by da209:
Damn I have wrk at 7 I'm going to miss the comeback!!:(

Wish I worked. . Turn this garbage off
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