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Let's go Niners!
We been sleeping for 2 weeks. Unreal how much we underestimate this team. I believe though. Second half 49er magic.
The game is going the Ravens way...throw early to get TD's...then run the ball in the 2nd half to run the clock out.
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Flacco is on fire right now. Unless he turns into the 'old' Joe Flacco, turn out the lights.
27-21 49ers Final score
Originally posted by THEB:
The Ravens have had extreme luck go their way. 3 hail marys caugh, and a fumble is the difference in this game.

And an INT and a Yellow Flag ratio of 8-1
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We need to see how the 2nd half adjustments plan out.

We seem to be moving the chains well in general, but we're not stopping their O and we're getting the ball in horrible field position. If we can't cover downf ield then we need to apply pressure on the rush to stop him picking the deep balls.

Our running game was going well then we abandoned it after the fumble, not sure why :/
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This team looks scared. They have no one to blame,but themselves. Terrible legacy for Kaep and Harbaugh. Being the first 49er team to possibly lose the superbowl.
Originally posted by jcashen87:
There is a come back to be made here fellas, if we can just limit our mistakes we can do this

I'd put it at <2% chance. So yes, it could happen, but very doubtful.
Anyone thinking we can pull out an ATL miracle and hold them no nothing 2nd half ?

The secondary is atrocious, and the offense is shooting themselves in the foot
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ALready frustrated and now I have to watch Beyonce?
Well looks like John was the brother that was awarded testicles. Jim is happy playing Marty ball, and with Kaepernick as confused as he is I don't blame him.
Originally posted by pdizo916:
Fire the f**king coach.

We have to rebuild

Originally posted by Buchy:
Complete lack of pass rush is what's killing us, Flacco has all day to launch it long.

He's getting pressured, problem is even when he's rushed our secondary still can't cover and he just throws s**t up and it's completed. The secondary has been the major problem culliver and Whitner being the culprits
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