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The whole damn team picked the perfect time to f**k and make mistakes. Akers who messed up all yr has been flawless
2 scores. We get a stop, calm Kap down at half. We'll be fine
Originally posted by Jcool:
Matt Barrows ‏@mattbarrows

Irony: The only guy not making mistakes for the 49ers is David Akers.

And Delanie
Alex. We're not winning the game with Kaep this year.
21-20 after 3 qtrs---Niners will win 27-24 calling it now.
The defense HAS to make a stop on their opening drive. If we even allow another TD to make it 28-6, its over.
It started with the flag in the first and the James fumble was the clear spark
J.H. had better scream and F**KIN' yell at the boys in the locker room...that was some supremely sh!tty football, man...
We still in it guys! Only 15 points down. That is nothing! We are good at half time adjustment. It's time for Harbaugh to shine.
That fumble raped us. If not for that we score and are tied or close. Now we need a TD 2 point conversion and another TD just to hope for a tie. God I feel ill all we can do is pray for the greatest superbowl comeback ever.

We need to hold them opening drive, score at TD and get the momentum back in the second half

They are gong to be super cocky
Only one that came to play is Akers...SMH. CMON 9ers!!
Fix Culliver and Whitner or we are f**ked
We need a stop after halftime, followed by a TD so we can get back in this.
Originally posted by 49ermark:
It started with the flag in the first and the James fumble was the clear spark

The fumble was the turning point for me. That lead to a TD for the Ravens
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