cc, i have forgotten now, but didn't clay matthews get decked by FRank? I remember laughing out loud, but i thot the funniest thing was it was #21. I could be wrong but either way, it was great watching matthews get slammed.

As to why this OL is so great ....well, runblocking, our guys are the best in the business and we got pulling OGs and OTs that are best in the league . The reason the pass protection suddenly has taken a quantum leap forward is : Kap drops back 7-9 steps. A normal QB drops back 7-9 steps and is 14-18 feet behind LOS. With his incredible stride, Kap's 7-9 step drop is 21-27 feet behind LOS, and gives him a huge advantage in time to locate a receiver. Plus if it gets crowded back there, he can scramble fine....and that is why our OL has suddenly "passblocked better". I will also say on the read option, not used tonite (oops , once, unsuccessfully...sorry, that was student body right...)but in the GB game, on the one TD play to rt side, the seal by the big guys was perfect, but so was seal by vernon, crabs, frank and maybe delanie. Kap had a hiway to end zone. So better passblocking, courtesy of Kap, and better seals on read option are two of many things making our OL look like they are better pass protecting..