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What was you reaction to the pick 6?

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I was pissed. I had to get up to answer the phone just as he threw it so I answered my phone screaming "F#*%!"
Then, realizing what I did, I panicked and hung up (it was my brother asking what channel the game was on lol)
Just as I tried to sit back down and relax, my two sons break out into a fight downstairs in the living room over a stupid Sonic the Hedgehog game...
All I could think about was that I HATE being distracted during my Niners games and WTF just happened?
i was pissed but i was excited to see how he would respond to it
.... .... ... .......
Man, that kid threw a pick 6 in his opening drive in his first playoff game ever, and then just dumped it and moved on. He was a little nervous but pulled it together and led the team down drive after drive. So many QBs would have lost their confidence and let affect the rest of the game but Kaep just looked comfortable on the big stage. Kid can play. I am glad the world got to see what he can do.
I woke my daughter with my scream. Quarterbacking 101 - Never throw across your body against the grain. You are asking for a pick. I am glad he bounced back and had a solid game. To Kap's credit, he rarely makes the same mistake twice (in a single game).
panic and doubt that Kaep should be in there are natural responses and no one can be blamed for feeling that way. But I think the next thought for everyone is that Kaep can bounce back. If it was Alex that just threw a pick six there would have been much more dread for how the game was going to turn out

I've had my doubt all season but I'm a kaep believer now, not cuz of his arm or his legs, but because of the competitive fire. besides the GB turnovers it's what kept us in the game
I thought it was going to be a long night after that pick 6. Apparently it was a long night for the Packers defense. Kaep is a beast!!!
Screamed "F***!!!" at the top of my lungs. I'm in Florida and one of two people in the bar actually paying attention to the game. I probably looked like a lunatic last night.
Can't repeat what came out of my mouth! Didn't lighten up until late in the 4th!
I was still watching the Ravens v Broncos game when they updated the 9ers game with the pick 6.

First thing that went through my mind was that the Ravens v Broncos game should hurry the f'up!

2nd thought is Alex never got INT let alone got one returned for a TD last year.

3rd thought was that I was over the Ravens v Broncos game and they should just switch over to my 9ers game before the tv met my left fist violently.

Deja Vu - I've seen this before and its not good............ Kap erased that idea quickly.
You really want to know ?
Ok it went instantly like this in mind
What the motherf.cker you inexperienced b.stard why didn't you throw the ball out of bounds, if you throw a second one i want to see alex

Hum hum

Aaaaaaaaah emotions


Stupid emotions


Fortunately i'm in the football coaching job... NOT !
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I wanted to wait and see how he came back after it. If he was shaky then I would have started worrying.
I was watching the game with my dad and as soon as Kaep throws the pick-6 he goes off on a rant about how Alex Smith should never have been replaced...
I just sit back on the couch and tell him: "dad, it's early in the game, chill out, Kaep will bounce back. Ain't no thang but a chicken wang"
But in the back of my mind I was nervous as heck, lol... The way he bounced back, maintained composure and kept up his confidence is very impressive. One thing that I always noticed about AS was that after making mistakes he seemed to be so cautious the rest of the game, drove me nuts..
My thought was "Settle down Kap. Just play ball."

It seemed to me that he did look a little nervous early on. I saw he had happy feet in the pocket, and wasn't very decisive with his throws. I think after that long pass to Frank (on the scramble), he started to look more comfortable. Later on I went hoarse from yelling watching my boy BALL OUT. SO GLAD we have him on our squad.

Young, with a rocket arm and dangerous scrambling ability.

...and he's only going to get better.
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