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What was you reaction to the pick 6?

Originally posted by SFL49ER:
I didnt care one ounce, but I s**t a brick 5 minutes later when James Jones caught that prayer from Rodgers throwing off his back foot

YES. I was far more worried after that lucky crap.
Originally posted by BadgerHawk:
Colin's reaction was more important. He wasn't dejected. I'd say he made up for it.


I wrote that is was a stupid play. Then Kaep drives the team right back down the field and scores from 26 yds out. Next post.............High risk, High Reward.
I will admit. I over reacted. It was a horrible pass and horrible decision. The kid hung in there and got it done. Congrats Kaep!
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Pretty upset...but knew it was early, and it certainly wasn't going to decide the game.

There were a couple of other hiccups offensively that upset me...but Kap big played his way out of most of it.

He earned the game ball for sure today...and it was harder to do because he recovered mentally from an early error.
It was really early so I just hoped they would come back out and score. And they did!! Kaepernick!!!
my reaction was what anyone's reaction should be to something like this: how does the man comeback? and he came back as a true competitor/winner should. stuck with the game plan, executed it solidly, and pimp slapped the pack!
Every single error. Whether an INT, a fumble, a safety. Every single time he has come back to put points on the board.

His running served as an outlet, which helped settle him down, and got the passing game going.
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pissed off. No of us really knew how he was going to play in his first playoff game I had momentary visions of the Seattle fiasco all over again
I was pissed off and verbally expressed it at our local casino's sports bar. I calmed down after I saw how much time was left in the 1st Q (I had to wait for the Ravens to stomp on the Broncos).

I yelled "God Damn it!" so loudly I scared the rest of my family.
Originally posted by 9erfanAUS:
Originally posted by theninermaniac:
I think I might have a broken index finger from slamming the coffee table by accident. I'm typing this with my thumbs. Il be ready for next week although I might appear on the injury report

I guess Harbaugh will likely list you as Probable.

He just needs a brace on his finger like Justin Smith has on his arm.
I wanted the vet.
My reaction was "well,the webzone is probably going full retard again."
I nearly swallowed my tongue. I was not happy. But never, in a million years, did I expect it wouldn't play any sort of role in this game.
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