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David Akers keeps job

Originally posted by qnnhan7:
I have no confidence in Akers. Most likely will miss a couple. Loses momentum and gives the other team good field position.

pretty much
Akers gonna come through in the playoffs. Still wouldn't mind us goin for if on 4th and short in some situations though.
Go for it on 4th down
no win situation
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I don't know,ALLx, i like going for it on 4th down. You never know what might happen...instead hit the 40, 3 banal plays , oops, gotta kick a 40 yrder. Now , Coach has to give that some more thot, and i actually like. it. Get closer, let akers kick it from 25...or what if...we score?
I have a hard time believing Cundiff could be worse.
Test him early. If we get the opportunity for a 45+ long FG early in the game (first quarter) you trot him out there and see what happens. If he makes it maybe his confidence grows a little. If he misses it, you basically play 4 down territory from the 35 - 20 yard line.
I have pretty much lost all confidence in Akers.. I gringe when he lines up for a field goal. It seems no better than a 50/50 chance him making a FG beyond 30 yards these days... I sure the game doesn't come down to a FG attempt in the closing seconds.

just score more TDs with the "explosive" offense.
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Akers will make the game winning FG and totally redeem himself.
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Akers is good for sub 40 yard FG. He is just atrocious past 40 this season. Cundiff missed a 32 yard FG that would have won a playoff game, Akers hasn't missed a FG in that situation. Presumably Cundiff would be a bit better for 40+. Personally, I would prefer to have mr reliable inside 40, then a better chance to kick a 50 yard FG, so I like the decision on Akers.
Harbaugh is basically saying Kaepernick needs to stop relying on Akers.
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