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Any 49erfans from Manitowoc Wi

Originally posted by mcsharty:
I'm from the UP too and know a girl and her brother that are niners fans. The scenario could play out more than once though, because contrary to popular belief there are people, color tv, and technology up there. I lived in Green Bay for 4 years and packer fans made my second favorite team in the league become whoever plays the packers.

Its probably the same people.
Anyways I am actually watching the game in Appleton. One of my friends from HS has a 10 foot projector screen and the Packers fans that will be there actually understand the game.
Thanks for all the post I was the only niner fan at the bar here at the hotel and I let them know we were in the house from the first kickoff.........I am so glad we won... I won cash and got to see a packer fans boobs.......;.. glad i didn't have to wear that stupid GB Hat tomorrow.......
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