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What are some good poster ideas to have at the game vs GB?

Originally posted by EezyNiner:
Give me a few days and I'll come up with something worth making. We used to do this all the time in college when Gameday came into town and had some pretty good ones.

I would love to hear some ideas. Thanks
Green Bay: PACK your bags, you're goin home BIAATCH!
"<3 <3 <3 !!I love you #11!! <3 <3 <3"

Just put a picture of Rodgers getting sacked in the white space.
cheese sucks!!!
1. draw/get yourself a Packer logo.
draw/get a pic of a book end (with 49ers logo) on either side of the packer logo. I came up with '49er book ends' to write on it, im sure someone can come up with something else. Packers lost in week 1 to start their season and will lose in the 2nd week of the play offs to end their season.

2. get a Packer logo.
have a dagger go right through that packer logo and have:


Make sure the dagger has 49ers logo and colours on it.

thats all I gots for now.
A giant penis
Arron rodgers wearing an Alex Smith jersey.
Originally posted by I_Saw_a_Fish:
Originally posted by DonJulio:
You're going dressed as a mouse?

Perhaps a scary mouse, LOL
A rat of unusually large size?..

Rodgers momz a hoe
If ur gunna go as a mouse you should bring a cheesehead but cut it up a little
"I never particularly cared for cheese so if you don't mind seeing yourself to the door, good day sir."
Make a sign that says Niners still wouldn't draft Aaron Rodgers.
dress up as a niner rat and eat a cheese head.
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