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Kaepernick vs RGIII and others - Statistical Comparison...

Both Luck and RG3 are very fine qb's. No need to belittle them to talk up Kaep.
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And some of it is the QB. I think you are overestimating the impact that Harbaugh had on Luck. He definitely helped him but he was highly touted coming out of high school for the same reasons he was the #1 draft pick; decision making, intelligence, poise and leadership. Luck only had Harbaugh for 3 years not 4. And Luck's dad was also a NFL QB who had been developing him to be a QB since he was a kid ala the Manning brothers. There is a reason Luck has been described as the best QB propect to come out of college since Peyton Manning.

I think you should read up on Harbaugh's background coaching QB's. Luck wasn't the first QB he worked with. He turned Josh Johnson into one of the highest rated QB's in college after he had been only mediocre. And, I think everyone is actually over-valuing Luck's year. Yes, he averaged about 270 yards a game, but he threw the ball over 600 times this season with a completion rate of about 54%. His quarterback rating is 76. Yes, he threw for 23 TD's, but he also threw 18 interceptions. And, he's been in the pro set for years now. Kaepernick has 7 starts with the pro set and has a much higher rating, much higher completion percentage, much lower interception rate and over a yard more in yardage per completion. But, Kaepernick has Harbaugh. I think Luck would have had a phenomenal year of Harbaugh were coaching him. But, I still think Kaepernick actually has more upside than Luck.

I don't need to read up on Harbaugh's background. I've known about it before he came here. Josh Johnson was drafted in the 5th round and last I heard was 3rd string QB on the browns. Stats? Luck's season it not about stats! Look at what he's working with. They have by far have the weakest team in the playoffs and he's the ONLY reason they are there. IMO you put Luck on this team right now and this offense would be unstoppable.

Uhh, Freeney and that defense have been great. Reggie Wayne may have punched his HOFticket with this season because everyone would say it do to
Manning but not now.
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"Luck is he best one out of all of them. I don't understand why Kaep has more upside? Is Luck not considered an athletic freak because he's white? Lucks athleticism is highly underrated."

Has nothing to do wth his skin color. RGIII is the better athlete. RGIII could play any position but the lines and probably be a HOF. Can Luck?

They are not that far apart. Compare the shuttle times, the 20 yard speed, broad jump, and jump height. Luck is right there.

They are all very close athletically.
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