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If Roman leaves, who would you want at OC?

If Roman leaves, who would you want at OC?

Originally posted by Oldschool9erfan:
I think it's been said, but wouldn't it be awesome to get Andy Reid.

The niners need a west coast offense mind and theres no better than Andy Reid, and they would still run a power running game. The niners need to run a quicker passing game. Its what the true west coast is about.

Andy Reid is about to get hired as head coach of the Cardinals, I doubt he would turn that down to come and be an assistant with the 49ers.

Norv Turner doesn't run the West coast offense, but he could be good with Kaepernick. What I used to like with Norv Turner is when he ran the counter plays in the run offense with the line going right and frank taking a step or two right and coming back left. This is what we need to do with La Michael james. Norv can be a good coach but does he want to do the O-coordinator position again.

Also any coach coming in has to run their offense through a version west coast lense which we need to do to have continuity.

Norv doesn't have a choice, he's not going to be a head coach in the NFL again after failing 3 times already.

Geep Chyrst does have a few seasons as the O coordinator for the Chargers and Cardinals, but I think it would be tough to give Geep Chryst the O coordinator gig. I think the o Coordinator job is too important. Continuity on offense is really all the Niners need to take the team to the next level hopefully a continual playoff presence for a long time.

He had 2 seasons with the Chargers and their offense ranked among the worst in the NFL both years. Other than he's been a fairly good quarterbacks coach in the league but the fact that he's repeatedly been passed over for coordinator positions should be a warning sign.

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First off I'd like to say that I pray roman leaves. To me he is jimmy raye part 2. So predictable and bland. One of the worst oc's in the league! I realize not all of u will agree but that's my opinion. That being said, I'd love to see norv turner come back. Terrible head coach but amazing offensive coordinator far above anyone on the market right now. If not turner, than grab ault
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Originally posted by forty9ers:
I wish he would stay, we all saw what happen to smith every time they changed an OC, but if we must, i would say Geep so the stability of our current system is there

Unlike during the Nolan/Singletary era, this team has a defined offensive philosophy set by Harbaugh,any coordinator that came in would be following the basic offense that is already in place. For a professional playcaller, that shouldn't be an issue.

I'm not worried about the offensive philosophy, I'm more concerned about the playcalling, have someone with the right skills, able to play chess on the football field basically, discover and attack an opponent's weakpoints, know when to be conservative and when to all-out attack, call plays appropriately, make in-game adjustments as needed, get the maximum performance out of all the various offensive weapons...etc...etc.

This. The thing with Norv, is when he has been an OC, he has been really good as a play caller and managing the offensive gameplan, and has actually had a really balanced formula for his offensive playcalling gameplan. sure he is from the digit/coryell system but he understands the importance of the run game, and really while an OC his focus was strongly on the run game. Its not like he couldnt take the system and terminology already in place, and use that as a base, but slowly add in new wrinkles. It also seems that the way we are going with offensive personel, that he could really get the most out of the offense.

Im firmly in the Turner, or Trestman camp.
I know it wont happen....but please god stop talking about

As a guy who has had to watch him, you want him no where near our run first offense. He has no interest at all in running ever and his play calling and clock management are spectacularly bad. He is a decent GM and great player relations guy...but he is an abysmal play caller. One of the worst.
Troy Aikmen calls Norv Turner the best OC in the business. Turner has won 2 Super Bowls as an NFL OC and those Dallas SB offenses that Turner ran rank right up there with the best ever.

High praise from someone who knows a few things about the NFL.
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Whoever comes in , will be an extension of Harbaugh and the system he put in , this is Harbaugh's offense ...and bringing in somebody like Shurmur or Turner, would be an odd situation , especially Turner, who runs a zampese/coryell style of offense , and Shurmur runs more of a smashmouth offense, even though he is a disciple of the WCO, and technically part of the walsh coaching tree

but if we hire a new OC from the outside , who has a completely different offensive philosophy than Harbaugh, he will have to adapt to the system that is already in place
Bring Mike Johnson back. He took over that Jimmy Raye mess and actually made a difference. Plus he proved that he could adjust and was learning different Offenses to help with our attack
Norv will make things pop. Can he get along with Harbaugh? Bring Chris Ault onboard as a well paid consultant. We'll see how the pistol fares next year, when defenses have had a better look.
You know its probably best if we go with a college OC if we were to lose Roman. Is Trestman a guy we could lure here? Maybe the guy at Auburn. (Borges?) pretty sure he is considered a guru of west coast.

Right now any former head coach is up for an OC position is not long for the seat, I want someone who will stay in the roll for a bit if we lose a staff member.

Originally posted by gato80:

Pretty sure the rumor is Andy Reid is taking Shurmur to Zona.
f**k Turner! His system is nothing close to what we do. He dropped us like Tiki Barber did his wife at the last minute. I like Chryst myself actually/
Originally posted by NC49erfan82:
f**k Turner! His system is nothing close to what we do. He dropped us like Tiki Barber did his wife at the last minute. I like Chryst myself actually/

What exactly do you like about him? What in regards to his playcalling philosophy and gamecalling abilities do you think would benefit this team?
Doesn't matter. Whoever it is, everyone will love them upon hiring then immediately want them to be fired after the first poor offensive showing.
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
What exactly do you like about him? What in regards to his playcalling philosophy and gamecalling abilities do you think would benefit this team?

Didn't Harbaugh credit Chryst for the last playcalling series against the Saints in the playoffs last year? Vernon Post was pretty awesome to me

I'm not rooting for Chryst but I'd like someone who's able to utilize our passing attack way better than Roman's doing at the moment!
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