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Feeling inspired this morning, so I think I'll just leave this here...

There's a funny playoff scenario nobody sees brewing. -The Lions could spoil the Bears, the Pack beats the Vikings, and the 49ers end up hosting either the Giants or Skins in the wildcard round (and if that's the case, we probably host the Giants, and get our sweet revenge).
Keep dreaming we go in as a wild card team hosting the Deadskins beat em & lose in the divisional round to Atlanta
Week 17
Niners win big over AZ; Seattle beats Rams
Green Bay beats Minnesota
RGIII and Redskins win the NFC East
Chicago beats the Lions to secure a spot

Wild Card Round
Niners beat Chicago
Seahawks beat the Redskins

Divisional Round
Seahawks win against Atlanta on the road.
Niners beat Pack again at Lambeau

NFC Championship Game
The Niners beat the Seahawks in a slugfest at the 'Stick again to move on to the Super Bowl.

Niners vs Broncos - Niners win 24-20.
Originally posted by fortyninerglory:
Here is mine...

we lose to arizona and green bay gets the #2 seed while the Seahawks win the West, justin smith is out for the rest of the season.

everyone is counting us out...

Wildcard -- we go up to Washington and beat the Redskins by a hair...a 58 yd fg by Akers with no time left, 23-21.
Divisionals - we go up to Lambeau and beat the Pack on a Carlos Rogers pick for six, 25-18.
NFC championship - we go to Century Link, knock out the midget on the 1st play of the game, and battle the Hawks to OT where we lose the toss. Harbaws then surprises all and onside kicks of which we recover and Akers hit's the game winner from 50 yds out, we win 17-14.
SuperBowl - CK is sidelined by a hamstring pull and Alex Smith unleashes 12 weeks of frustration with a 7 td performance breaking young's record, and we rout the Ravens 63-14.
Talk about fantasy I didn't even pay attention to the Smith comment because you put the game in the Hands or feet of Akers and Rogers. What a laugh Akers can't hit a 28 yard kick right now and Rogers couldn't catch a pass if the ball and his gloves were made of velcro.
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