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Vegas Super Bowl odds for us and top teams

Originally posted by LisaTwelve:
Originally posted by pasodoc9er:
SEA is going to be a different team with their Steroid freak off the field, where he should have been prior to knocking vernon for a loop. Wilson just hasn't been coached up against yet. When the really good teams wth great D's figure him out, he is going to be laid out and if unlucky, his first injury may be his last. Today with guys 6'5" who can outrun most Qbs, somebody like russ wilson is going to get squished like a bug....and then what is SEA going to do?

I'm thinking you are referring to Richard Sherman as "steroid freak" ....
FYI, it was Kam Chancellor that laid the hit on Davis.

As for RW ....
newsflash - the Niners are a really good team with a great D

The "steroid freak" Sherman just won his appeal and will serve no suspension according to Adam Scheftner.
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Hate to say it, but the winner will probably come from the top 3, they have Hall of Fame caliber QBs. Atlanta and Houston benefited from weak schedules and lost when they played quality opponents. Baltimore has a mediocre offense and their defense has fallen off badly due to age and injuries. Seattle is a poor road team and the Redskins have no defense. We don't have a dominate defense any more and Kap has a long way to go to be good enough to lead us to the Super Bowl.
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