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did niners draft the wrong jenkins?

janoris 4 tds, aj o tds
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Who cares. We're F'ing loaded.
janoris drafted by us would have sat too, and we could possibly being the same thing if our jenkins was playing on the rams and was getting lots of opportunities. Its a mark of a good team if your draft picks just cant come in and start right away

he and aldon smith = trouble lol
I thought we may have been gunning for him in the third and that's why we traded the pick. I was hoping, funny thing is that we "stole" aj from the rams. And sea "stole" Irving from us. Woulda coulda shoulda kuudahh: we got cox
Originally posted by okdkid:
Who cares. We're F'ing loaded.
Agreed! Plus, I think JH & Co. know what they are doing. I admit, thought when we drafted him he'd be starter potential because he was drafted first. But as that season has progressed it has become clear to me that JH wants to develop players to this teams needs, and be satisfied of that development, before putting them on the field. Based on how things have gone I think it's pretty presumptuous for any of us to declare any of our draft picks as bad picks unless those players are released or cut.
AJ will catch five TD's tonight
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AJ will catch five TD's tonight

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janoris 4 tds, aj o tds

Meh, I'm fairly certain he's a ticking timebomb, Fisher has already benched him once this year. He'll go down Pacman road, sooner rather than later.

He hasn't gotten a legitimate chance to contribute, he showed some promise in the pre-season so Im excited to see what he can do when he gets his chance to shine.

I remember hearing something about how Harbaugh and Baalke thought he was undersized, so theyre giving him a year to bulk up Im guessing.
To early to tell.
We didn't need the other Jenkins at the time. Good for him that he is having a good year. We will see how good our Jenkins can be later this year and into next year.
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