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Oh and I'm not bashing NOT Negative at all. TEAM FIRST!
oh ok
I think our team performance with Kaep put us at even terms with the Packers with everyone playing at his expected level except two. If these two can break out and play at what they are capable of then we will win the game. If VD and Jenkins get out of their funk then we can beat the Packers even with Justin Smith at limited effectiveness. Our defense will slow Rodgers down enough that he can't overcome what our offense can rack up against their average D.

VD and Jenkins are my choice of the two key players.
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Frank Gore on offense run, run, run

Aldon Smith on defense sack, sack sack

Also, I believe coaching needs to step up.....
Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
Tough call because it will take more than 2 for sure.

But to answer your question, IMO:

1). Justin on defense if not then Ray Mac MUST step up to add pressure on Rodgers.

2). The OLine - if they can keep opening holes for Gore, AJ to run then Rogers stays off the field. We contrl the clock and score points.

Agree with these as well...they may try and run right at the Smith's and if they establish a run, he Packers could flip the script on us (control the clock and game). Also, they are critical to putting pressure on Rodgers. We haven't been able to run worth squat the past month...holes are no longer there and since Hunter's been out, we've had no edge rushes to keep the defense honest and on their heels. Good points.
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Cox & Dix?
By the way, I define luck as any occurrence that goes in a teams favor that cannot be attributed to the players directly (See: Green Bay vs Seattle 9/24/12).

And welcome to you. I'm also glad you're on the road and that wasn't a fumble.
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Originally posted by greentothecore:
By the way, I define luck as any occurrence that goes in a teams favor that cannot be attributed to the players directly (See: Green Bay vs Seattle 9/24/12).

That wasn't luck. That was highway robbery. That was incompetence, plain and simple.
Originally posted by GNielsen:

And welcome to you. I'm also glad you're on the road and that wasn't a fumble.

Your right it wasn't a fumble because the refs blew it. And the Seattle game will always be a loss for us as well. Can't rewrite history.

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Originally posted by respectfulpacker:
Hi all,

27 year old Packer fan here, been a fan since 1990 when my father took me to see the Majik man for the 1st time. I have not missed a game since then.

First of all, let's drop these "expert" analysts opinions, because I find that you get better results talking to the smart fan who has watched their team over 64 quarters over the regular season. I bet, a lot of you could tell me a little nuance about a player that everyone rates highly but you all agree that he is overrated. Only fans who watch week in and week out can do that.

With that in mind, I think the blueprint for beating us is:-

Wr's/te's – Don't believe the hype. Individually, everyone bar Cobb is slightly overrated and prone to an error or two, BUT, there is great parity between 1-4 and Finley. Everyone is a viable target because there is little drop off in talent level. In the first game, we tried to use Cobb in a variety of ways, and it was somewhat successful. That's game 1 though, and since then, there has been a lot of creativity going on. Jermichael Finley is a true wildcard, maddening to me and our majority. He is Vernon Davis, only with a fifth of the consistency. He'll drop a floated into his mitts, yet make an incredible one handed 239823987 yard grab and remind you that he can be great, for about five minutes.

Coaching – I think 2009 was the last time we lost two games against the same opponent in one season. Now, I am not saying the 49ers are Atlanta (far from it), but after we lost to the Falcons in our SB season two years ago, McCarthy was confident that we would have adjustments at the ready, and boy, did we. The 49ers are different though, a much more multi faceted team with, importantly, one of the best defences in the league. It will be interesting to see how this game goes.

I don't predict scores, but I hope we win. However, if we do lose, I'd rather the 49ers win it all than any other team. I can't fault the tradition and history of your organisation. And the majority of the fan base is sweet.


Don't forget about James Jones, Cobb has been a decoy sometimes for Jones, Not saying he is gonna be a huge factor but dont sleep on him.
Originally posted by ayetee:
I think it was Arnold Palmer who said," works every time, the more I practice, the luckier I get."

LOL. Love it...some guys just have that winning luck (Montana's near pic in the EZ - Superbowl), Rodgers, Brees (not this year), etc.
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Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:

Good read, we better have changed our defensive game plan..or we might get burnt

Even a defense with very good personnel can be beaten if they become predictable. The Bear game earlier this season is a good example. I recall Kaepernick responding to an interviewer about the challenge of that highly regarded defense by saying, "they did exactly what we had game planned for. They did not surprise us." Hopefully Harbaugh/Fangio have learned a lesson from that and will change up some things. To this point, the 49er defense has been pretty much the same in every game. Against a very bright quarterback like Rodgers, that approach could be the kiss of death.
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Originally posted by greentothecore:
Greetings 9er fans. First of all just want to say that this Packer fan has nothing but the utmost respect for your team and your coaches. Very few teams in history have come so far so fast. There can be no dispute that the four best teams in the NFC will all be representing this weekend. I can't remember divisions match-ups every being as good as we got going on here in 2013. I don't know about ya'll but I am bleepin excited. Anyway, I am predicting a great game and probably a close game. I have no idea who is going to win and neither do you. You may think I am crazy but I am somewhat glad to be on the road (See: Green Bay vs Atlanta 1/15/11 or Green Bay vs Chicago 1/23/11). I just hope it comes off clean and untainted (See: Jerry Rice Fumble 1998 Wildcard) and the best team rolls on.

Anyway I hope I am welcome here I might like to drop in again. I mean it's all about fun, isn't it? So good luck to you all. And if you don't believe in luck then you need to watch more football.
you will not need luck in this game because your team is playing good football, our team plays two quarters then stumbles around like the keystone cops. we have crabs but then nothing after that in terms of wide outs. moss is nice but is 35, no third wide out, tight ends suck right now and you guys actually find a way to use that little former used car salesman running back. 38-28 packers and then you win the super bowl cuz you will host seattle and whip their ass. the super bowl winner is not coming out of the afc this year
Carlos Rogers (going up against the slot/Cobb) and Anthony Davis (or whoever has to block Clay Matthews).

- I still have nightmares about fast slot guys torching Rogers whenever we bring him into the slot.
- I feel like the GB pass rush will be exotic and difficult to decipher with Matthews and Woodson finally healthy and rolling.

Not to discount the importance of the other players listed here, but (i) if we can't get off the field because Cobb is always open on 3rd down and (ii) the GB pass rush makes life difficult for CK7, our kicking game (because we wont be in range) and our pass rush (because Rodgers has a fast enough release) do not have relevance.

We need huge games by Rogers and Davis.
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