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Gore or Watters?

Gore or Watters?

Originally posted by BrianGO:
7% think that "you can't stop running waters". Well I got news for you. Ever hear of a dam?

Frank the tank would blast through that damn dam!
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Frank got that caveman swagger.
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Gore's the best RB in Niners history.

Waters...well...he isnt.
I loved Watters, would take him on my team any day, and totally disagree with people saying he had no heart, that being said it is still Gore by a mile.
Originally posted by LifelongNiner:
Some of the analysis of these numbers is almost comical. Ricky Watters played in a more explosive offensive. A much more explosive offense. Therefore, I'd expect him to have higher TD numbers. You can't look at pure numbers in this case. Watters had an amazing skillset where if he remained with the Niners, he really could've been Roger Craig 2.0 (which is basically what Faulk became from the Rams). However, given that, Frank Gore put up some great numbers on some of the worst offenses ever assembled. There are some things that he can do that Ricky can't. There are some things that Ricky can do that Frank can't. I choose Frank because not only is he a better teammate, but he produced when all 11 men on defense knew he was getting the ball. It takes a certain level of toughness and determination to get that done. I also saw a comment about Frank Gore's career average per carry being better than Ricky Watters (who averaged 0.5 yards less per carry is meaningless). I don't know what game some of us are paying attention to, but 0.5 yards (per carry over the course of a career) is HUGE. If Frank Gore averaged a mere 0.5 yards per carry more for his career, he'd be in the company of two men- Barry Sanders and Jim Brown.

They are two different backs, but I think someone made a pretty good comparison, likening Frank Gore to Emmitt Smith. If Frank Gore played for the Cowboys in the 1990s, his numbers would be Emmitt Smith like, with even less carries.

I'm sorry Watters excelled on the legendary Seahawks with Warren Moon and Kitna... my bad. Oh yea and the Eagles were scary with Detmer, Rodney Peete. My goodness. I'm done. Research. Nobody in the game right now will ever be in the company of Barry Sanders, regardless of numbers.
Originally posted by 49rz4Life:
Originally posted by hondakillerzx:
Originally posted by 49rz4Life:
Originally posted by hondakillerzx:
saying gore has stone hands is retarded. we dont throw to him much anymore because we have receivers now but in his first 5 or 6 years when there was no one on the team he led the team in receptions a couple times and caught a ton of passes. ricky was great but we didnt miss the repeat just because of him. we still had 1500 rushing yards as a team the next year, it was down from when ricky was there but that wasnt the main reason we lost. we lost because that douchebag FB fumbled on our first play and it was returned for a TD then favre torched us. we were down 21 nothing. and we didnt have deion sanders in 95 to shut people down like in 94. AND those motherf**kers had brett favre, that son of a b***h owns the niners. watters was great but theres no way hes better than gore. gore has everything you want in a RB and the intangibles like leadership, heart and determination. Niners RBs in order in my opinion are Gore, Craig, Hearst then Watters. waters was good but most people on here just refer to the superbowl game when he went off. in the rest of his time here he was good but not great, his yards went up consistently after he left the niners. and its highlighted by the fact that after watters we had a dry spell at RB until we got Hearst. watters is nothing compared to frank.

saying that Watters is NOTHING compared to Frank is retarded. Putting Hearst who had under 40 tds in his career, ahead of Watters is retarded. Yeah Favre owned the 49ers when Steve Young was injured in 1996 and while Rice and Hearst were hurt in 97. We sent em packin in 1998 so that Favre owning us stuff is retarded. the hands of stone thing may be extreme but I've seen Gore drop alot of simple screens that could have went for big gains. Won't disrespect Craig but i'm sticking with Watters.
gore put up way better yardage in his first 3 years than watters did and that was for a team that was just frank gore. they knew frank would get the ball every damn time and and they still couldnt stop him. watters had the luxury of having other threats on the team to take pressure off of him. kind of like what the pats are doing this year with their running game. their RBs are nothing on any other team but because brady is such a threat they are effective. watters was good but he was much better after he left the niners. and he is NOTHING compared to frank who has every significant niners rushing record there is as well as having the most yards from scrimmage in a single season by a niner. ricky only cracked 1000 yards rushing with the niners one time where gore does it pretty much every year, the year he missed it he got hurt and missed a bunch of games and he was still only like 100 or so yards short. Gore>Watters. favre did own us dude, how many times have we beat him and how many times have we beat him? and hearst was a better back than watters. would you say brandon jacobs is a better back than Gore just because he has a couple more rushing TDs due to his almost exclusive goal line usage? no you wouldnt.
Watters benefited on the Eagles and the Seahawks? Bizarre. Who cares what he did on the Niners. LOOK AT HIS WHOLE CAREER!!! You don't want to do that bruh. If Ricky stayed = more SB's PERIOD. do ur research then come back. Favre beat a battered team and the record doesn't tell the story. Maybe ur better off focusing on what he did while he was here and that is not the discussion. Dude i loved Hearst but not better than Watters IMO. I respect ur opinion tho just disgusted at the NOTHING compared nonsense, ur adding his persona to the evaluation and its not fair. Look at the Numbers. Look at the tape. HOFer PERIOD.
i loved watters as a kid dude, he was my favorite player but gore is just better. you say look at their careers, well, take a look at them. gore did what he did, and continues to do what he does against defense that gear up to stop him and only him, especially in his early years, like the year he was 5 yards short of 1700 with no passing offense to speak of. any way you slice it, favre owned us his entire career, i hate that son of a b***h more than any other player ever and its not even close. i think hearst was better too, he was incredible and he had the heart of a lion, he never quit. came back from gruesome injuries that wouldve retired other players twice and balled out. his numbers declined at the end of his stay here because he started splitting caries with barlow in his last season or two with us. in 95 and 96 the eagles were a playoff team with 10 wins and the seahawks were 8-8 his first year there and made the playoffs the next year so they werent bad teams either. gore's niners sucked enough to draft top 10 in pretty much every one of his first 5 or 6 years. gore did more on worst teams than watters, gore is better and thats my honest opinion. like i said i loved watters growing up but gore is an unbelievable runningback
Ricky Watters didn't have to play with Alex Smith
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