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NFC West Champs! 2nd seed!! (End of Reg Season)

Thank you Vikings!!! Whooo hooo!!! #2 seed is OURS! F**k yea baby!!!!! God we needed that BYE lol! Yes!!!!!
Originally posted by Bryant4everYoung:
Originally posted by brizznasty:
That Seattle game can now be purged from my memory forever!
only a redeeming playoff win could purge me of that horrible nightmare

Yeah, a lot of us feel that way.
thank u Viikes! VERY MUCH!
Giants get knocked off, CK/Crabs look great as we beat the Cards, we get the #2 seed, and there's still a great SNF game to watch tonight....great football day!
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49ers b***hES!!!!

Vikes go into GB and beat them next week.
So did the replacement refs end up doing us a favor?
Vikings paying us back for the week 3 win we gave them

I'm loving it. Only thing that would've made today perfect is if the Seahawks woulda lost too.
So did the replacement refs end up doing us a favor?
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Packers or Vikings come to the Bay Area. Feels good.

Lol no
Just hope we don't have to face Peterson in the playoffs though......

So who do we play in the 2nd round? Do we know yet?
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