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Are Kyle And Kendall an Afterthought?

Originally posted by susweel:
who are those guys ?

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Hunter is too good to be let go.
I really like KW as a WR. Moss probably won't play for much longer, and I have not seen enough from AJJ to think that he will be a better option than KW.
Harbaugh had them higher on the depth chart for a reason, so they will be missed. But if LMJ & AJ can step up and make the most of their additional reps, then Kyle & Khunt's roles will have been filled.
that would suck if Hunter didnt come back... that dude has vision like Frank... very good upside
This is great. A new generation of Niners fans that don't appreciate an abundance of talent... Frank Gore, Kendall Hunter, LaMichael James... oh and Anthony Dixon. Some how people on this forum are suggesting that Kendall Hunter is an after thought and should be let go/released/trades/cut/waived/etc.? Really? Thomas Clayton and Maurice Hicks on line 1 LOL next season we will have the most talented backfield in the league by far!

Kendall is a stud, may very well be the future starter.
You CAN NOT get rid of hunter.... He is our future between the tackles RB while LMJ is our sproles
Hunter will be back but Williams I believe will be gone...
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Williams is probably going to be slower than he already was. No big loss. Kendell and LMJ will battle it out for PT in the coming years. I don't know if they see these two as complementary players or not so I guess we may draft a starter. Anyway you look at it, these are going to be golden years for the team going foward with these young bloods.

Originally posted by 49amane:
I hope hunter can come back.. Do you think he can really be a primary back though

yes i do! he is the same size as barry sanders
Kendall Hunter has everything to be an all-around feature back in my mind.

It's funny, as a fantasy player I'm always "rooting" for RBs to come into the league and seize "workhorse" roles on teams. But as a Niner fan, I have absolutely no need or desire for one RB to be a bellcow superstar. There is no reason to choose between Kendall Hunter and LaMichael James. The fact that they are both good is fantastic. And yeah, we'll probably want to add a power guy as Gore slows down, but the way he's going that probably won't be a priority this offseason.

Kyle is solid and proven, but he's nothing special. I think Crabtree is much better than the brass thought he was when they spent a 1st rounder on a WR. Assuming Jenkins is coming along nicely, we have a great top 2 locked up, and Williams doesn't seem to add much to that core. He's a dime a dozen.
I would be surprised if hunter & Williams are not back next year.
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Originally posted by fister30:
I would be surprised if hunter & Williams are not back next year.

Hunter yes, Williams I doubt will be back after that ACL.
hunters job is safe. kyle is safe too unless they draft another receiver next year. crabs, manningham, jenkins and williams still look like the core of the group with ginn getting cut and moss retiring after our superbowl celebration
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