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Are Kyle And Kendall an Afterthought?

No. Kyle and Kendall are two of our best young offensive playmakers. I think Kendall and LMJ will be our RB tandem for many years to come once Gore retires or degrades.

Kyle Williams is a solid WR. He will compete with AJ next year for the #3 WR spot behind Crabs and Manningham.
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Originally posted by 49amane:
I hope hunter can come back.. Do you think he can really be a primary back though

Prior to his injury, I had no doubt that he could be a primary back.

Now, it depends on how bad he injured his Achilles tendon.

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They will both be back and our team will be stacked again!
i think both of them will still compete for their jobs next year. No way we just send them to the bench ala AS
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