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Has Randy Moss Helped the 49ers?

Has Randy Moss Helped the 49ers?

I was talking about this early today with a guy at the post office. Randy Moss has been a factor this season. He's not only contributed to the success of Crab and other recievers, but he's always been a factor in Kap's success as well. Moss coaches up Kap on the sidelines. I noticed that in one the games. Anybody can bring thier talent to a team, but talent only last until the player is gone. The biggest thing randy bring to SF isnt his speed, his ability to get open or is great hands, but instead, its his knowledge and his ability to teach our young players what he knows. Moss teaches our recievers, our quarterback and probably teaches the corners the game like only he can.
Wouldnt mind bringing him back next year...we'll have Crabs, Manningham, Jenkins, and Moss...keep in mind Kyle Williams may not be ready at the start of next year. I think Ginn is gone. Also think we'll draft another WR and bring him along like Jenkins.
If you don't have Moss right now, you're starting Crabtree, Ginn, & AJ Jenkins.

Yes, Moss has helped a ton.
Come on, even if he isn't getting all that many snaps most of the time I would so rather have a guy like Randy there to step up at a time like right now, when we've got 2 guys injured, than Brett freakin' Swain. This late in the season it's a Godsend to have him and whatever he has left to contribute
He's been great on the filed and off. He's kept defenses honest and the mentoring for the young players has been exceptional as far as I can see. I would keep him on the roster or even as a coach.
For the 2.5 million a year he's been way worth it for his contributions on and off the field and I would definitely sign him for another year at that price.

As long as he has no problem with his role then we should have no problem keeping on the team.
Originally posted by KEGster:
Guy started in the biggest victory of the season. Oh and caught a TD.

Move has worked.
Yep, that on it's own pays his salary. Let's not forget he has been a model teammate.
Absolutely, I think he deserves another year at least.
I hope we keep Moss. I've always been a fan of his.
You know I was big on just one year through the half way point. But after the last few games and seeing the improvement in guys around him like Rio and starting a young CK who needs a few steady vets out there, I really want to bring him back for one more if he doesnt ask for big money. The Randy we are getting is nothing like the rep he had comming in. He left his baggage at the door and has been a really great mentor and model citizen for our guys. Even if he drops off a little more next year, those hands are still among the best and he has the speed in bursts...which is how we use him.

I'll like to see him stick around for another year but, fact is, if we win the Superbowl this year he's going to retire.
He certainly hasn't hurt the Niners.

One of the things that goes under-reported is his eagerness and effectiveness to block downfield. Most people weren't expecting that out of a 35-year-old veteran.
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You all notice receivers catching the sideline pass and then twisting away from the tackle...getting more YAC. The Randy Moss effect...last year they caught the ball & got tackled right away.
Just to see the sidelines blow up everytime he scores a TD is worth it.

In every team, there has to be that "someone" that your teammates want to win for. Last year in the play off game, they mentioned that in the meetings they had signs up that said, "lets win one for Justin" for the plain reason that he had never been to the Playoffs or had ever won one in the playoffs. I think the team knows that most players have atleast that 10% chance of winning a SB with either this team or a team they sign with later on in their career. Randy ,has this final chance and I think most, or atleast I know I would want to see someone ride into the sunset.
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