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Anthony Davis might lose his job next year

Originally posted by dtg_9er:
Really doubt anyone wants to cut Davis but they might foresee him moving to RG or Boone taking his starting job. He is a good player and as many have said--is still young.

Edit: on the other hand I have always preferred lighter, quicker tackles.

Originally posted by Evilgenius:
He started the year well, but he's always been weak in pass protection. He is a great run blocker and he's still young. I wouldn't be so quick to give up on him personally.

Davis did an okay job early on, but it looked to me that the quick 3 step passes were benefiting him well. As I said many weeks ago, if the QB didn't like his first quick read (or two) and had to wait or evade in the pocket? Then pressure was sure to come fast from multiple spots.. but definitely AD's.

Like the wise dtg above stated, it really isn't about being quick to give up on him. I was nodding some agreement months ago when people were saying how he is young and should get his chance to improve. That's a fair and valid approach. I also wouldn't suggest making any changes at this point in the season... but it wouldn't shock me with Jim's penchant for late season experimentation. Ask me in the offseason, and I suspect I'll be saying how... once again... I'd like to see Davis slide inside to RG and Boone kick out to RT. Davis just has poor recovery skills when he's out in space. I hoped that his instincts would have improved much further, but I am not seeing it.

Happy to give him the rest of the year to show me he can kick arse at RT... not like I have a choice anyway, right?
Originally posted by TinyHandsBigHeart:
How many players and coaches are we going to throw under the bus to protect our QB? Y'know, guys like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning don't get sacked much, because they get rid of the ball quickly and on-time. Something that neither of our QBs have ever done. With a few exceptions Kap has had more than 3 seconds without pressure per snap, but when you hold the ball for more than 4 seconds on average the O-line is going to look bad, because you're going to get a lot of pressure and sacks.

Has really been that bad to give up on
Only in the zone can a player go from possibly pro bowl bound to moat boat driver in a single season
I don't see A .Davis so bad that he's going the ways of the Rachal. Nay, I see him alot better., IIlupati, Davis, are the best in the league, with the toughest names.
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Originally posted by monsterzero789:
Staley is the weakest part of the o line. Him and Goodwin

this times infinity, the second most over rated player on the team to walker in my opinion.
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