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Anthony Davis might lose his job next year

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Originally posted by PopeyeJonesing:
Originally posted by nickbradley:
If it weren't for the Bowman steal, that draft is a disaster.

Wah? We got an All-Pro in the 3rd round in Bowman and you want to leave him out of the conversation to call our draft that year a disaster?

Craziness. We also got Iupati in the first and Kyle Williams in the friggin' 6th, not mention a very solid special teams contributor in Dixon in the 6th, and Philip Adams - who iirc is starting for Oakland this year -- in the 6th.

You're free to like Anthony Davis or not, but save for the one big whiff on Mays, calling that draft a disaster is just crazy.

I agree
It was a very good draft.

s**t, Davis might be the very next to sign a long term deal.

I tell you guys that may agree with the OP, tune in and focus in on the right tackle. My man Davis is a beast out there owning fools.

To mention A Davis in any negative way is surely missing how good he really is.
Originally posted by Mr.Mcgibblets:
So only now are people starting to see AD's pass pro weakness?

Just two months ago, many were pumping him as an elite, top 5 tackle.

He started the year well, but he's always been weak in pass protection. He is a great run blocker and he's still young. I wouldn't be so quick to give up on him personally.
I like Davis. He whiffs in pass protection on occassions, but he's a stud in the run game. Plus, I like his attitude. He's always in the middle of scuffles, with a smile on his face. He wasn't afraid of Suh either. He was in his face all game, fearless.

He's a really young player and he's got a bright future. He's not getting replacing. Boone is a good tackle, but he's a much better guard. He's primed to be our RG next year too.
Originally posted by ruthless49er:
yeh but i think coaches see hes been progressing steadily since his rookie year. his measurables are crazy good for a RT. that and we got a mobile QB behind him so add it all together and our coaches will keep giving him chances till he proves an outright bust.

His measureables weren't really mind blowing actually. But he was young and still had baby fat on him. It was a potential thing. I think we drafted him too early, but they loved his potential. It's easy to see it, but he's mentally not all there yet.
Originally posted by TinyHandsBigHeart:
How many players and coaches are we going to throw under the bus to protect our QB? Y'know, guys like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning don't get sacked much, because they get rid of the ball quickly and on-time. Something that neither of our QBs have ever done. With a few exceptions Kap has had more than 3 seconds without pressure per snap, but when you hold the ball for more than 4 seconds on average the O-line is going to look bad, because you're going to get a lot of pressure and sacks.

Exactly, why are people always bashing 9er players an coaches on here? None of us can play or coach in the NFL so SHUT THE F$$K UP!!!!!!!!
guys he is playing with like a destroyed finger.. i am sure that has something to do with it.. you try blocking three hundred pound men rushing at you play after play with a split in half finger.. your play would drop some too. i believe he is gonna keep improving.
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I thought this guy was having a pro bowl type year, LOL He is having a better year then Joe Staley thats for sure.
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Davis is a keeper
Really doubt anyone wants to cut Davis but they might foresee him moving to RG or Boone taking his starting job. He is a good player and as many have said--is still young.

Edit: on the other hand I have always preferred lighter, quicker tackles.
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Really this is a topic, the guys super young, and since kap started the entire oline has had trouble... Mike get called for holding a few times a game, we should just cut him now... Please youngest starter on oline, he's a beast in the run always at the second level and he's a lt still learning to play rt! And he's look 1000% better than his rookie and second year..
I think Staley should go back to RT, and Anthony to the left. -Davis was a 'pure' left tackle in college (and damn efficient), but Mike Solari thinks he's fit for RT.
After he broke his finger in New Orleans he has been struggling. But not a chance Boone takes his job at RT. Davis is still only 23(younger than the top two tackles that went in the 2012 draft Matt Kahlil/ Riley Reiff) and he still has a lot more upside left.
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Originally posted by Mr.Mcgibblets:
So only now are people starting to see AD's pass pro weakness?

Just two months ago, many were pumping him as an elite, top 5 tackle.

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