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Source: 49ers to re-sign LB Eric Bakhtari

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I dont think we need to replace a DE/DT with another DE/DT. Dobbs barely contributed to the defense. We just need to replace a special teamer with another. Even if it were a WR replacing Dobbs it would be okay as long as he contributes on ST's just as well.
Id be all for Cartwright coming back.

With two open spots, Cartwright came to my mind

Same with me, however the kid from the air force academy on the 9ers PS chad hall also is a KR/and PR. I say give him a shot.
Originally posted by GolittaCamper:
Really, we need a d-end...what ever, in Harbaugh I trust..

lol he is a DE on a four man line for nickle and dime packages and a rush linebacker in the 3-4.
If he plays, he will be on ST. Has a burning desire to stick on the team. I imagine he will be flying down the field, delivering head butts and flying elbows.
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